JUDO stands for perfect water quality.

And has done so since 1936.

We need water in almost everyday situations. Just think of your morning shower, the preparation of your coffee or tea, or your pleasantly heated apartment on cold days. We make sure that you can enjoy the best possible water quality in all of these situations. And we have been doing this for over 80 years!

The demands on your water are as varied as everyday situations. As experts in water treatment, we understand it and that’s why we offer you a particularly diverse range of products that are precisely tailored to your needs. This ranges from home and building technology to industrial applications. Highest quality for the highest demands, that is water treatment made by JUDO.

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In this way water meets the highest requirements:


Water is our most important asset. Not surprisingly its supply is rigorously legislated and its quality is strictly monitored: water is our most-controlled foodstuff.

Although our water supply may meet the highest standards and be subject to strict controls, it is worth taking a closer look, because:

Making water a comfort zone

Comfort, protection and safety for you and your home.

Since our foundation in 1936, we have been developing technologies and processes to treat the life-giving liquid, water, with innovative and sustainable processes. No matter whether it is drinking water, heating water, well water or sea water. For example, we designed the first fine dosing device, invented the backwash protective filter and developed the world’s first fully automatic water softening system.

We live our dream of making water even purer and softer for you. Our goal has remained the same for all these years: Perfect water for you and your family.

You are on your way to the washing machine, your arms are full of laundry and you want to quickly adjust the water hardness for the wash cycle…

You have the choice

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