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The power of gemstones in crystal clear water: In the devices in the JU-WEL product family, drinking water flows around selected, naturally energized gemstones. The characteristic energy of the stones is transferred to the water – it becomes “jeweled”. You can experience this power every day: as an invigorating drink, while showering, bathing, cooking …

Water is life.

“Jewelled” water is life energy

Amethyst = vitality

  • Improves for more well-being
  • Supports detoxification and purification
  • Strengthens the general state of being.
  • Good against stress, restlessness and insomnia

Rock crystal = clarity

  • Has an emotionally refreshing and strengthening effect
  • Improves relationships
  • Promotes hidden skills
  • Strengthens self-healing powers
  • Clarifies the atmosphere of the room

Rose quartz = harmony

  • Promotes a harmonious life together
  • Increases empathy
  • Makes you open-minded and helpful
  • Improves the ability to love and the strengh of the heart

“Jewelled” water is richer in energy.

And even more beautiful.

Crystal analysis* shows that drinking water that has passed through a JU-WEL device has similar structures to spring water.

* prepared by Hagalis, laboratory for crystal analysis and quality assessment of drinking water

City water (neutral sample) magnified 400 times
Crystal image magnified 400 times with JU-WEL

Water of purest origin

Without chemical additives

JUDO Bioquell®-PURE ensures a reliable supply of clean, clear and odourless drinking water. The system does not require an additional storage tank, is therefore particularly space-saving and ensures stagnation-free hygienic operation. The filters can be changed very easily thanks to the quick-lock system. The under-sink system is suitable for the treatment of clear, colourless, iron- and manganese-free drinking water.

The advantages

Water of purest origin purifies without chemical additives and retains 99.99 % of pollutants, bacteria and germs
Drinking water enjoyment
Compact under-sink system slim design
Stagnation-free, hygienic operation
Easy filter change thanks to quick-lock system
Reduces undesirable taste and odour of the water
Simple and quick installation

Double filter performance

The first stage of treatment is a double cartridge made of polypropylene and activated carbon. This filter stage removes all solid particles such as sand, dirt and rust and reduces chlorine residues, which are mainly responsible for the bad taste of the water.

The reverse osmosis membrane removes traces of hormones, pesticides, organic substances, microorganisms and heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, lead and chromium in the second step. The post-filter cartridge acts as the third stage of treatment. Here, the last traces of odour- and taste-altering substances are removed. The result is pure water for the best taste in drinks and food.

JUDO Bioquell®-PURE

Undersink reverse osmosis


With three types of precious stones

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