JUDO makes itself strong for the sporty new generation:
“We promote youth. Not millionaires!”

Cheering, the team members of SV Fleischwangen (Ravensburg district) throw their arms in the air in their new jerseys. They are one of over 300 teams in Germany and Austria that JUDO has provided with a free set of jerseys.

Youth development – an important aspect of the corporate philosophy

“With our campaign, we are specifically supporting the next generation – an aspect that is particularly close to our hearts as a family business,” explains Ralf Weißkirchen, Sales Manager Germany at JUDO. “The new jerseys create a uniform team image and promote team cohesion. At the same time, as a sponsor we are of course delighted when the kids in our jerseys give their best on the football pitch and have fun with the sport”.

D-youth of the SV Fleischwangen
Picture 1: The D-youth of SV Fleischwangen is happy about the new jerseys, presented by JUDO and Pfeiffer & May Weingarten GmbH & Co. KG.

Partner sponsor is always an installer or wholesaler of the region

“This will enable us to further expand our good relationship with installers and dealers and at the same time strengthen our regional ties,” emphasizes Ralf Weißkirchen. Wholesaler Pfeiffer & May from Weingarten participated in the SV Fleischwangen team.

JUDO - We support the youth
Picture 2: The C-junior team of the JSG Nüsttal/Hofbieber/Dammersbach is one of more than 300 teams so far, which JUDO has equipped with a free jersey set. Sauer + Reinhard GmbH, a specialist craftsman’s company, was involved in the sponsoring.

Well equipped is half won

The C-juniors of the JSG Nüsttal/Hofbieber/Dammersbach, who received new jerseys from JUDO and the specialist craftsman company Sauer + Reinhard GmbH from Schwarzbach in August, are also enthusiastic: “We are always happy to receive support for equipping our football teams from companies,” says Sebastian Sauer, youth leader at DJK 1. FC Nüsttal. “With their generous donation, they are helping to ensure that the children and young people can go to the games well-equipped. For this we say thank you very much.”

JUDO - We support the youth
Picture 3: Promoting young talent starts with the youngest – like here at the Bambini TSV Markelsheim. The jerseys were sponsored by JUDO and Braun Heizungs- und Sanitärtechnik GmbH from Bad Mergentheim.
JUDO - We support the youth
Picture 4: The C-youth of Spvgg F.A.L. from Frickingen JUDO and Alfred Keller GmbH from Überlingen-Lippertsreute give a “thumbs up” for their new jerseys.
JSG Leuscheid Rosbach
Picture 5: The C-youth footballers of the JSG Leuscheid / Rosbach. Sponsors: JUDO and the company Metternich Haustechnik.
JUDO - We support the youth
Picture 6: FC Neuhausen, Schwandorf, Worndorf. Sponsors: JUDO and Reisser Tuttlingen.
TSV Legau
Picture 7: The E-youth of the club TSV Legau. Sponsors: JUDO and the heating and sanitation company Alois Müller GmbH.
TSV Ensingen
Picture 8: TSV Ensingen. Sponsors: JUDO and Hellmich in Vaihingen.
Picture 9: U9 team of the 1. FC Gössenheim. Sponsors: JUDO and Nees in Gemünden.
FV Bad Waldsee
Picture 10: D-Youth FV-Bad Waldsee. Sponsors: JUDO and Bertsche in Ravensburg.
FC Thuengfeld
Picture 11: The team of FC Thüngfeld. Sponsors: JUDO and Richter and Frenzel Bamberg.
We support the youth
Picture 12: The E-youth of the JSG Banfetal. Sponsors: JUDO and the company Christian Gerhardt in Niederlaasphe.
We support the youth
Picture 13: The G-youth of the DSU. Sponsors: JUDO and the company Rothe in Bad Münder.

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