Safe protection for the building installation


No matter whether for the treatment of water from an own supply, or directly from mains, for both drinking or process water: a powerful filter is the starting point for most water treatment solutions. As experts in this field, we not only have many years of experience, but also a particularly wide range of products. You have the choice between different processes – depending on the water and requirements. Just have a look for yourself:

Why do we have so much experience in the field of protective filters?

We invented it!

A powerful protective filter provides the basis for most water treatment solutions. Because even with the greatest care, it is impossible to prevent small impurities from being washed into the water within a building: dirt, metal particles, residual sealing material. All these particles can damage fittings and cause seals to wear down. If these particles settle in the pipes, they can cause so-called spot corrosion. The consequence: pitting corrosion.

Filters remove dirt particles from the incomimg water supply and prevent corrosion and damaged fittings. The so-called backwash protective filters make it particularly easy for their operators: Their filter element does not have to be laboriously replaced when it is dirty. Instead, it is simply cleaned with clean water – this saves time and, in the long term, a lot of money. This principle is also a JUDO invention.

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clean water
Clean drinking water without dirt particles

Own water should be used with caution.

Or with JUDO.

Homeowners who are not connected to public utilities and depend on their own water supply must ensure the necessary water quality themselves.

The procedures recommended here depend on the origin and composition of the water.

Well water requires a different treatment to surface water; areas with heavy agricultural use offer different conditions than naturally retained regions.

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natural water
For own water, the operator is responsible for the water quality.

Centrifugal separator

against solid particles

Centrifugal separators remove solid particles from drinking and process water. They use the difference in density between the water and the substances to be separated – without the use of filter screens. They are therefore particularly suitable as pre-treatment before backwash protective filters to extend the service life and backwash intervals.

Centrifugal separators from JUDO combine comparatively simple operation with particularly robust quality in parts and materials. The result is exceptionally durable and reliable products.

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Own water


Sterile. Carefree.

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane process suitable for removing or reducing solids, microorganisms, turbidity and suspended solids. Pathogens can settle in such turbidity substances and thus escape most disinfection measures. After their removal, a subsequent disinfection, preferably with a UV system, can be carried out. Ultrafiltration thus makes an important contribution to the production and protection of drinking water.

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plain water

There is life in water.

But this should not be taken literally.

Water should be crystal clear, fresh, neutral in taste and free of pathogens.

This is not only what the Drinking Water Ordinance says, but also our own stron belief. If you are in doubt that your drinking water does have these qualities, you should act.

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state-of-the-art kitchen

The JUDO Multiflex Disc Filter

for industrial water that you can really use.

The JUDO Multiflex Disc Filter achieves the greatest possible safety and precision in the filtration of process water. The basis of its success: the innovative Multiflex technology.

The filtration runs through the plastic discs from the outside to the inside, with the grooves of two consecutive discs forming the geometry of a sawtooth pattern. This generates intersections where the solids and particles are swirled around and get caught in the next branches. Thanks to the well thought-out design and the high quality of parts and materials, JUDO Multiflex Disc Filters are not only particularly effective but also extremely robust and low-maintenance.

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