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Water damage always comes as a surprise. Because signs of wear and tear on your pipe system are invisible: pitting, corrosion or frost wear on the pipes unnoticed. It is also relatively common for unsuitable materials to be installed together or for the composition of the water to favour rapid wear. These problems only become visible when it is too late – and the apartment is under water. Costs as a result of water damage are difficult to estimate.

By the way, did you know? Your insurance company probably won’t pay a cent for water damage if you are away from home for more than 72 hours and haven’t turned off the water.

Water damage

happens more often than expected.

Tap water is the number 1 cause of damage at home

It happens a lot more often than you think. And yet every time it’s unexpected. Building damage caused by leaks or burst pipes is the most common cause of damage in residential buildings. In 2014 alone, this happened around 1.16 million times* in Germany. These were more cases than windstorm, hail, fire and natural hazards combined.

* Residential building insurance claims made to GDV insurance companies.

A burst pipe causes many problems

A flooded home is a nightmare. The damage to the building and furniture quickly runs into the thousands. Mould can form within 24 hours due to moisture. This is not only annoying, but also harmful. And it also means a lot of trouble and high costs in the long term. Not to be imagined if water damage occurs while you are away for a day or more!

In addition to the drying and the repair work that is due, you also have to make sure that you get the damage compensated by your insurance company as quickly as possible. And that’s not always easy.

The best water damage is one that never happens.

Some things that you lose in a water damage, you will never get back. For example, the time you spend cleaning, tidying up and organising. Then there are the personal things that no insurance in the world can replace: Memorabilia, pictures, homemade stuff. Not to mention the stress and nervous tension.

bottom line: it is better to prevent water damage than to repair it.

With leakage protection

you are on the safe side.

As devastating as water damage is, it is just as easy to avoid. With a high-quality leakage protection device from JUDO. It monitors reliably the water flow according to different parameters. If one of the set limit values is exceeded, it shuts off the line. For example, if too much water is suddenly taken. Or if water flows constantly for too long.

Reassuring, isn’t it?

Before small water losses accumulate.

Some water losses can only be recognised with the bill. A leaking cistern, for example, running unnoticed, can waste up to 90 m3 of water per year. That costs about 400 euros. A leakage protection system from JUDO prevents such water losses. It also controls the duration of water flow and closes the line if the limit value is exceeded.

Pipe bursts can’t always be avoided. Water damage can.

A leakage protection system from JUDO constantly monitors the water consumption and measures the maximum flow rate, the amount of water taken and the time running. If one of the three set limit values is exceeded, the leakage protection system shuts off the line and indicates the reason for it.

Beautiful holidays – the holiday mode.

Leakage protection devices from JUDO have a programmable holiday mode. It is automatically activated after 72 hours without water flow. For this program, you can enter even stricter limit values so that your house is well protected during your absence.

The additional insurance: leckage sensors.

The ZEWA-WASSERSTOP, the ZEWA PLUS as well as the softeners of the i-soft series by JUDO allow the connection of up to ten leakage sensors. These sensors detect moisture on the floor and, in the event of an emergency, trigger the shut-off of the line. In this way, individual rooms can also be specifically protected.

Leakage protection:
You should have it before you need it.

Leakage protection is a useful addition to any water treatment solution in one or two-family houses. Therefore we offer numerous possibilities and combinations. Whether as stand-alone systems, solutions to combine with protective backwash filters, or included in the features in some of our PREMIUM-LINE softeners.

Both, the JUDO i-soft safe and the i-soft plus have built-in leakage protection devices. In the fully automatic softeners, it can even be set and controlled remotely via app or voice control.

Leakage protection from JUDO

Various systems, one goal

We offer leakage protection devices in various forms and designs. The softening plants JUDO i-soft safe and i-soft plus as well as the JUDO i-balance for physical limescale protection have it included. The protective filters of the PREMIUM-LINE and PERFORMANCE-LINE can be combined with the leakage protection system ECO-SAFE. And if you are looking for a stand-alone solution – with ZEWA PLUS or ZEWA-WASSERSTOP (waterstop) you are on the safe side.

The best water damage is one that never happens.

Leakage protection available as


Micro-leakage protection system with backwash protective filter and integrated pressure regulator


Domestic water station with integrated microleakage protection system


Micro-leakage protection system with integrated backwash protective filter and limescale prevention unit


Micro-leakage protection system with integrated backwash protective filter and polyphosphate dosing unit


Micro-leakage protection system

JUDO i-soft PRO

Fully automatic water softener with microleakage protection system

JUDO ECO-SAFE ¾" - 1¼"

Leakage protection unit for combination with backwash protective filter and domestic water filtration station

JUDO i-soft SAFE+

Fully automatic softening system

JUDO i-balance

Fully automatic scale protection for domestic water installations


Microleakage protection system with integrated domestic water station


Microleakage protection system

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