Exciting insight: My apprenticeship at JUDO

Are you just about to graduate from school or do you already have it in your pocket and are now thinking about an apprenticeship? Maybe even as an industrial clerk? Then read my article and learn something about my working environment as a trainee at JUDO.

I am Lisa, 19 years old and am currently in my first year of training as an industrial clerk. The great thing is that no two days are the same and I am constantly getting to know new company divisions and areas of responsibility.

My alarm clock rings every morning at 5.30 a.m., so I can start as early as possible to have some of the rest of the day after work. But I still have to practice getting up early. But the good thing is that I have flexitime, so I could basically take my time in the morning.

I am currently in the marketing department. I really like it here. Everyone in the team is nice, open-minded and helpful. That’s very helpful, especially when you’ve been in school for years like me and suddenly find yourself working with others in a real company. However, my training started in the production department in Waldrems. There I first got to know all JUDO products and was shown how they are produced. A really interesting experience right from the start! Afterwards I worked in the purchasing department. There I learned how complex it is not to let production come to a standstill. I also learned how the invoices are checked and then released for payment by the accounting department. The purchasing department was a very exciting and varied department for me.

Now back to my current daily routine: When I make it to the office around 7:30, I first boot up my computer and work on my e-mail. Once I’m done, I move on to my tasks. Every morning, my colleagues place them on my desk.
My daily tasks include, for example, processing event requests, telephoning our field staff, preparing presenters and advertising material for trade fairs, writing texts and checking them.

I also attend vocational school twice a week. There I get to know the theoretical part of the training. I like going to school because there I can talk and exchange ideas with other trainees.

Apprenticeship at JUDO: Lisa
Picture 1: I am Lisa, 19 years old and a apprentice industrial clerk at JUDO since September 2018.

How did I get the idea of training as an industrial clerk in the first place? And why at JUDO?

How did I get my training? I didn’t feel ready enough to start an apprenticeship right after my secondary school graduation. Besides, I also had no idea in which direction it should go. So I decided to do my vocational baccalaureate. There I already learned the basic things in business administration and accounting. As I enjoyed these two subjects, the training as an industrial clerk came to my mind.

And how did I come across JUDO? Even before I started my apprenticeship I was often on the road in Winnenden and saw the JUDO logo in various places. But I didn’t know back then what kind of company was behind it. When I started to apply for a job, I took a closer look at JUDO and was impressed by the website and the company from the very beginning.

Shortly after submitting my application, I was invited for an interview. I was happy and super excited. But the excitement quickly subsided when I was picked up for the interview by the apprenticeship manager. The reception was so friendly and warm that I could only feel comfortable. So the stress I had put myself through before the interview was completely in vain.

A week later the phone actually rang. The Apprenticeship Manager of JUDO informed me personally that I had received the apprenticeship. I was very happy.

Apprenticeship at JUDO: Lisa
Picture 2: I am currently in the marketing department and am in the first year of my two and a half year apprenticeship.

What skills should one bring to the apprenticeship ?

  • Enjoy working in a team
  • Interest in business management processes
  • Open-minded and communicative, as we have a lot of contact with employees and customers
  • Working on the computer should be fun

Was the apprenticeship the right decision for me?

Absolutely. I grow with each new task, I am more independent, earn my own fixed salary and make my own contributions. What I particularly like: I can make a difference myself, I see changes and I am constantly developing myself further. It’s exactly how I imagined it would be – if not even better.

You want to become a part of JUDO too? Then visit our career page to find out about suitable apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship at JUDO: Lisa
Picture 3: During my apprenticeship no day is like the other. I am usually full of fun and I am at work with full enthusiasm. The great thing is that every day I have the chance to prove myself and learn something new.

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