JUDO i-balance 75

Fully automatic limescale protection for building services

Protects against limescale deposits.

Horizontal or vertical installation by simply turning the JUDO
by simply turning the JUDO QUICKSET-E built-in rotary flange.

For drinking water up to 30 °C
Operating pressure 2 bar – 7 bar

Product benefits:

  • Highly effective limescale protection

    protects drinking water installations and boilers up to 80 °C

  • Detects drinking water quality

    for automatic adjustment and optimisation of system settings – unique worldwide

  • Water of purest origin

    Limescale protection without additives

  • Time- and cost-saving maintenance

    the possibility of shutting off individual areas ensures almost 100 % operation

  • Resource-saving

    no heating up required Saves electricity and water through intelligent water management

  • Safe in case of power failure

    patented safety module to stop the flushing process in case of power failure

  • Individual and fully automatic flushing

    possible via waste water connection or manually via a 10-litre bucket

  • Siphon included

Scope of delivery:

System consisting of a brass parallel water manifold for three limescale protection modules in a floor-standing frame floor-standing frame, including bypass valves, built-in rotary flange with bayonet connection made of brass with and installation cover; including siphon for standardised connection to the waste water system in accordance with DIN EN 1717 and DIN 1988-100; plug-in power supply 230 V/50 Hz. Limescale protection module consisting of: attractive, sturdy housing (PN 10); with integrated water meter; electrolytically operating crystal generator with microprocessor-controlled treatment current;
with two servomotors for automatic cathode cleaning and discharge of excess limescale into the drain pipe; i-guard sensor in the water inlet for recording the drinking water quality; operating and function display with membrane keypad; patented Safety
patented safety module for terminating the flushing process in the event of a power failure; potential-free fault signal.

Order number


8210442i-balance 75


JUDO limescale protection unit
For i-balance 50 and 75. Replacement by the JUDO customer service or
by the trained installer. 2 pieces are required for the i-balance 50.
required, for the i-balance 75 = 3 pieces.

Order number: 2210587


JUDO fault message
Cable for i-balance. Length 10 metres

Order number: 2210556

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