Water treatment in Mallorca is increasing

This year JUDO was able to win a new international partner: DEIAX-AQUOS®. Founded in 2012, the family business of the DEIAX® group, based in Portals Nous, in Calvià (Mallorca), specialises in the purification and treatment of water.

In the following interview with DEIAX-AQUOS® founder and managing director Nils Alomar Johannesson you can read about the importance of water treatment on the Balearic Islands and the difficulties the company has to overcome in the current situation.

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What are the values and mission of DEIAX-AQUOS® in an increasingly globalised and competitive world?

Our main mission is to provide safe and sustainable water treatment solutions in the Balearic Islands.
At DEIAX-AQUOS®, the following factors are particularly important in achieving this mission: our more than 20 years of industrial experience, our team and strategic suppliers, the quality and performance of our technologies, our tireless work ethic and our philosophy of striving for only the best without compromising integrity and the environment. The most important things to us are therefore: safety, integrity, sustainability, innovation, value creation and, of course, our customers.

Why water?

Our company DEIAX-AQUOS® was born from the need to provide purified, safe and high quality drinking water, to reduce the number of plastic bottles in our seas and to contribute to a more sustainable planet by reducing emissions and using water responsibly. Over time, this need became our motivation and led us to look for technological solutions.

At DEIAX-AQUOS® we are sure that families or companies that are aware of their water consumption can obtain both a better quality of life and ecological and economic benefits with appropriate advice.

What added value do you as a company bring to your customers?

Culture, team and family values:

We know how important it is to consume safe and sustainable water with maximum benefits to optimize quality of life, well-being and satisfaction. Our work culture, together with our professional team and family values, help us to achieve this commitment.

Products and services:

We only work with the best suppliers and products on the market. Our suppliers help us with technical training, tips and guarantees. Our technical team has more than 20 years experience in the industry.


Our methodology is based not only on our commitment but also on systems for measuring and monitoring objective quality and satisfaction data. Our customers trust us because we meet their expectations and ensure their satisfaction.

What challenges do you face every day? Especially now, during the pandemic?

The biggest challenge in general is that there is a large knowledge gap regarding water treatment solutions.  There are so many different products on the market for water, cleaners, softeners, UV lights, filters, etc. that it is not easy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of certain products to customers. We only work with top brands that convince us with their good quality. But consumers are often unfamiliar with the brands and the technology behind them. There is a great need for explanation here. It is much easier with the professionals. Technical data sheets and the product advantages are usually convincing on their own and lead to an objective sales process.

The COVID 19 pandemic has also caused a decline in sales, as virtually all major projects have had to be suspended for the time being. Mallorca is economically dependent on tourism and many people cannot, or don´t want to travel due to the current situation. Therefore, hotels and restaurants, for example, are currently not willing to invest. On the other hand, we have achieved strong sales in the residential sector. It seems that consumers are more concerned about drinking water and also have more time to deal with the issue.

Why is it more important nowadays to treat the water we use for drinking, cooking, washing, etc.?

In our opinion, the treatment, filtration and purification of water is becoming increasingly important because the world around us is also changing. For example, the need for sustainable solutions has increased dramatically in recent years. In practice, we see that more and more people are looking for solutions to replace drinking water from plastic bottles. In Mallorca there is also a major problem of water shortage, especially in summer. Therefore, water treatment solutions are particularly important. People have also become much more sensitive to hard water, the quality of drinking water or possible health problems associated with it. Our customers expect solutions that improve their quality of life and well-being and provide them with high quality water.

Goals for the future

We are a young company and our future objective is to continue to advance our mission of offering the safest, most sustainable and technological solutions for water treatment in the Balearic Islands.
We are proud of the fact that in recent years we have been so successful in establishing strategic relationships with important partners, such as JUDO.  We have already signed contracts with well-known institutions and hotels. Here we now have the opportunity to demonstrate our skills, products and know-how. In the years to come, we will have to fulfil our mission and build a reputation in the Balearic Islands as a company that places the highest value on safety and sustainability.

DEIAX-AQUOS®, founded in 2012, consists of four employees. Shown here (from left to right): Olalla Santisteban, Customer Service and Business Support, Jose Navalón, Technical Department and Nils Alomar Johannesson, Founder and Managing Director. Not in the picture is sales engineer David Amiget.
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