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JUDO i-soft PRO

The highlight of softening.

Experience the best on the water softening market with the i-soft PRO. With the new softener, you not only get the soft water you want, but also a device in which intuitive operation, functionality and design merge into one. In short: the future of water softening. The JUDO i-soft PRO is a compact, floor-standing softener with a specially developed user experience . It underlines the high value, emphasises the innovative user guidance and reflects the outstanding product quality.

i-soft PRO


Leakage protection rethought: Safe. High-quality. Smart.

With the microleakage protection systems from JUDO, you are always protected from the consequences of tap water damage. Water damage always comes unexpected. This is because signs of wear on the pipe systems are invisible: pitting, corrosion or frost eat away at the pipes without noticing. In addition, non-suitable materials are often installed together or the composition of the water aggravates aggravates wear.


Optionally with new microleakage protection system

The JUDO germ protection class marks the pinnacle in our portfolio of backwash protection filters and domestic water stations - with all product features that make filtration effective, convenient and safe. With all our expertise in the field of protective filters, with the highest standards of quality and durability - and with unique advantages for the installer during installation and maintenance.


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