Running water is nice.
But not in the living room.
As a professional in the sanitary trade, you are probably familiar with the scenario: flooded cellars, damp walls and kitchens under water. Your customers usually repress this horror picture. Until it happens them. The figures are alarming: more than half of all households have already suffered water damage¹. Those who don’t protect themselves are making a more than risky bet! And it is so easy to play it safe. ¹ The ConsumerView, January 2017, Quantitative Assessment Europe

The best water damage is one that never happens.

Leakage protection available as


Central leakage protection system

JUDO ECO-SAFE ¾" - 1¼"

Leakage protection unit for combination with backwash protective filter and domestic water filtration station

JUDO i-soft SAFE+

Fully automatic softening system

JUDO i-soft

Fully automatic softening system

JUDO i-balance

Fully automatic scale protection for domestic water installations

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