Domestic water station with integrated microleakage protection system

Combination of domestic water station and micro leakage protection system, with stainless steel filter mesh, pressure reducer, backflow preventer and highly effective point rotation system. Protects against the consequences of tap water damage and detects water seepage.

Horizontal or vertical installation by simply turning the
by simply turning the JUDO QUICKSET-E built-in rotary flange.

For drinking water up to 30 °C
Operating pressure 1.5 – 16 bar

Product benefits:

  • Reliable protection

    against dirt inflow

  • Backwash instead of rinse

  • Highly effective

    Screen cleaning through unique point rotation system

  • Protects and regulates

    With pressure reducer to compensate for pressure fluctuations and adjustable holding pressure

  • Protects

    Leakage protection with micro-leakage detection and automatic shut-off

  • Adjustable limit values

    max. withdrawal time, max. withdrawal quantity and max. flow rate

  • Learning mode

    Automatic determination of the optimum limit values

  • Programmable opening and closing times *

    Perfectly adjustable to commercial properties

  • Three-automatic activation

    after 72 hours without water use
    Stepped holiday mode

  • Connectivity module

    for connection via LAN

  • Globally controllable

    via app or web browser

  • Optional floor sensor

Scope of delivery:

Combination for leakage protection and drinking water filtration including pressure reducer. Consisting of: Domestic water station with filter housing made of high-quality plastic (PN 16); filter mesh made of stainless steel; handwheel for backwashing the strainer insert according to the highly effective point rotation system for optimum germ protection with simultaneous cleaning of the sight glass; with integrated direct flush valve; backwash month indicator; pressure reducer with adjusting handwheel (factory setting of holding pressure of 4 bar), setting range of holding pressure from 1.5 bar – 6 bar *; sound-proof tested group 1 without limitations; inlet and outlet pressure manometer, backflow preventer. Including built-in rotary flange with bayonet connection made of brass with screw connections (threaded connection according to DIN EN 10226-1) and patented single-screw connection technology; horizontal or vertical installation possible. Leakage protection system (according to DIN 3553) with housing made of high-quality plastic (PN 16); housing made of EPP protects against condensation, recyclable; turbine flow meter with Hall sensor; ball valve with servomotor and manual emergency actuation for shutting off the water pipe when individually preselectable limit values are exceeded (max. water quantity, max. water flow and max. Time of water use) and microleakage time. (max. water quantity, max. water flow rate and max. time of water use) and microleakage detection; automatic activation of absence (holiday circuit) after 72 hours without water use; stand-by function; adaptation to individual consumption habits via programmable opening and closing times; learning mode for automatic determination of the optimum limit values; control electronics with membrane keypad and multi-line LCD display for operation, cause of shut-off and other messages as well as for setting the leakage protection function; 230 V/50 Hz plug-in power supply unit; with potential-free fault signal; integrated connectivity module for connecting the PROM-i-SAFE to a home network and the Internet via LAN connection; iOS / Android and browser app available; for worldwide access to comprehensive information, automated messages and functions such as setting the leakage protection system and operating the i-safe+ shut-off valve; connection option for several floor sensors (max. 10 pieces).


* Depending on the operating conditions, it may be necessary to increase the downstream pressure (to adjust the ratio of upstream pressure to downstream pressure).

** Nominal flow rate of the clean filter according to DIN EN 1567 for drinking water. A lower flow rate is to be assumed for service water and more heavily contaminated water. The advice of a specialist is required!

Order number


8167602JPM-i-SAFE 3/4"
8167603JPM-i-SAFE 1"
8167604JPM-i-SAFE 1 1/4"


JUDO floor sensor incl. connection cable 2 metres
Order number 8203554

Each additional floor sensor (max. 9 pieces): JUDO floor sensor incl. connection cable 2 metres and branch plug.
Order number 8203556

JUDO extension cable for floor sensor, 2 metres
Order number 8203551

JUDO soil sensor incl. connection cable 5 metres
Order number 8203552

JUDO soil sensor incl. connection cable 10 metres
Order number 8203553

JUDO cable for external fault signal, 10 metres
Order number 2200717

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