you shold use your own water supply with caution.
Or with JUDO.

Homeowners who are not connected to public utilities and depend on their own water supply must ensure the necessary water quality themselves.

The procedures recommended depend on the origin and quality of the water.

Well water requires different treatment than surface water; areas with heavy agricultural use offer different conditions than natur protected areas.

For your desired water quality, the right treatment.

Intended use

JUDO E-Series Filter JEF-EM 2 - 4

For deferrisation and demanganisation

JUDO E-Series Filter JEF-AK 2 - 6

To improve smell and taste (activated carbon filter)

JUDO E-Series Filter JEF-S 2 - 6

For partial deacidification

JUDO E-Series Filter JEF-MF 2 - 6

For cleaning and decolorization (multi-layer filter)

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