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Lime deposits – annoying on surfaces, probably dangerous in pipes. In addition to the classic softening process, JUDO offers another method to protect your pipesystem from scale. Products for alternative lime protection leave the lime in the water. But they ensure that it can no incrust the inner surface of your sanitary piping system. Installations and equipment are protected – and the composition of the water remains unchanged.

Some consumers appreciate this process because the minerals are retained in the drinking water. Especially since calcium and magnesium are anything but harmful to the human body.

Smart water treatment without additives

The alternative lime protection

The alternative lime protection is another type of scale control. The lime is left in the water – but it ist made sure that it cannot settle out.

JUDO’s alternative limescale protection devices guarantee this with the assistance of a special process in which only electricity is required for hardness stabilisation – no salt and no resin tanks. In this process, the tiny lime particles are bound to form larger chystals which don’t incrust the inner surfaces of your piping system.

In this way the limescale protection devices protect your sanitary installation as well as sanitary devices and they avoid annoyance and additional maintenance costs.

Intelligent limescale protection has a name.

And three steps.

Step 1 | DVGW-approved lime treatment
The patented, electrolytically working crystal generator forms microscopically small seed crystals in the flowing water – and not on pipe’s inner surfaces and heating spirals. Pipes and boilers (up to 80 °C) are protected from incrustations.
Step 2 | Optimization through selection
The second step ensures that only ideal dimensioned crystals enter the domestic water installation, they are selected in a special process
Step 3 | Fully automatic cleaning
The crystal generator cleans and rinses itself fully automatically. Excess lime is flushed into the drain line. Your advantage: No interruption of the water supply, no expensive cartridge change (i-balance model).
Water is our number one food…
… a natural and healthy pleasure.
Water contains valuable minerals like calcium and magnesium.
The alternative limescale protection device delivers perfect water quality in an intelligent and resource-saving way.


Yes, there are alternative limescale protection systems that work with an electric current. These systems form microscopic seed crystals from the lime in the water. There, excess lime preferentially settles on these seed crystals and not on pipe surfaces or heating devices. If the water hardness changes, the device adjusts its settings fully automatically.

Calcium and magnesium minerals stay in the water. Pipe installations and boilers are, nevertheless, optimally protected against limescale damage up to 80 °C. Apart from a low electrical energy consumption, you do not need any other materials – even changing cartridges is not necessary.

Please note: These devices don’t soften the water, as do systems that work on the principle of ion exchange. This means that you won’t not enjoy the comfort that soft water offers.

Water reaches earth via precipitation. Before it hits the ground, it is very soft: hardness of rainwater is close to zero.

Then it seeps away and finally collects as ground water. On its way through different layers of earth and rock, it dissolves various mineral salts. The composition of these rock layers determines the hardness of the water. If a large amount of calcium and magnesium salts gets into the water, it becomes hard. This is particularly the case in areas with a lot of limestone or chalk.

Both systems protect your drinking water installation from calcification. The most important difference is that the softening unit removes the hardness from the water. The alternative limescale protection system leaves the lime in the water – but ensures that it does not settle in pipes. For this purpose, the device forms microscopical “seed crystals” which flow with the water into your building installation. There, excess lime preferentially settles on these seed crystals – and not in the pipes or on the surface of heating systems.

So if your sole concern is to protect your installation and your appliances, choose the alternative limescale protection.

If you appreciate the comfort, caring effect and better taste of soft water and you want to clean less in your bathroom – then a softener is better choice.

There is no central contact point. However, your water supplier is obliged to provide information about the different degrees of hardness in each supply area. Usually this information can be found on the website of your water or municipal utility. Please note that water hardness may vary from day to day, as your water supplier obtains and mixes water from different sources. In germany there are – depending on the region – water hardnesses between 0.358 mmol/l (2 °dH) * to approx. 7.16 mmol/l (40 °dH).

You can also learn interesting facts about your drinking water after a drinking water analysis in a laboratory. They will inform you about the most important parameters of your drinking water. This also includes the total hardness.

* 1 °dH = 0.179 mmol/l; 1 mmol/l = 5.6 °dH

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