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Here you will find the latest news and interesting information about water treatment. News about standards and guidelines, innovations and products, background information and interesting facts from the sanitary industry and our company.

30. November 2021


After a long break from trade fairs due to Corona, we were able to participate again in a major international trade fair, Aquatech in Amsterdam, at the beginning of November. Read more

2. December 2020

New partner in Spain – DEIAX-AQUOS®

In the following interview with DEIAX-AQUOS® founder and managing director Nils Alomar Johannesson you can read about the importance of water treatment on the Balearic Islands and the difficulties the company has to overcome in the current ... Read more

2. October 2019

How to improve the quality of your own water

How to improve the quality of your own water Open the tap – and the water runs. But do you know where it comes from and which paths it has taken? And what do you need to know if you do not obtain your water from a public utility company? You ... Read more

24. April 2019

Exciting insight: My apprenticeship at JUDO

Exciting insight: My apprenticeship at JUDO Are you just about to graduate from school or do you already have it in your pocket and are now thinking about an apprenticeship? Maybe even as an industrial clerk? Then read my article and learn something ... Read more

20. March 2019

The World Water Day 2019

The World Water Day 2019 Every year on 22 March, the global public looks at one topic: Water. On this day, the International Water Day takes place. Since 1993 it has been celebrated under a different theme. 2019 is this one: Leaving no one behind ... Read more

25. January 2019

JUDO jerseys provide even more fun in South Africa

JUDO jerseys provide even more fun in South Africa The youngsters of the We Love Football Academy enthusiastically chase after football and try to kick it into the opponent’s goal with great enthusiasm. The uniform football jerseys make the ... Read more

24. October 2018

Softening units: Functions and advantages

Softening units:Function and advantages Hard water often leaves lime residue. To avoid these traces from the outset, softening plants, colloquially also called decalcification plants, are used. But how do they work, what advantages do they offer and ... Read more

29. September 2017

Emergency training

Training for the case of emergency. A clean pleasure due to JUDO. “Brace, brace, brace!” shouts the safety trainer as the helicopter cabin glides into the water with four passengers strapped in. These in turn quickly assume the so-called ... Read more

14. August 2017

One look back, one look forward

One look back, one look forward. Last year, JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH celebrated its 80th anniversary. On this occasion, the employees of the in-house development department delved into the patent archive – for an interim balance sheet on ... Read more

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