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Safety fittings

In just a few minutes the cellar is under water, when you return from your holiday the furniture in the apartment floats, or in the bathroom the walls are wet and the first signs of mould are appearing. Similar scenarios can quickly occur in the event of a water pipe burst or leakage. However, as fast as the damage is caused, the consequences can be lengthy. The problem: Water damage always comes as a surprise. The damage to the pipe system is usually invisible: pitting, corrosion or frost wear on the pipes unnoticed. It is also relatively common for unsuitable materials to be installed together or for the composition of the water to favour rapid wear. Our products provide the necessary safety.

You should also note that drinking water must be strictly separated from non-potable water using a tested safety device. Your local Drinking Water Ordinance stipulates this. We offer you the appropriate system separation.

Running water is nice.

But not in the living room.

As a professional in the sanitary trade, you are certainly familiar with the scenario: flooded cellars, damp walls and kitchens that are under water. Your customers usually repress this horror scenario. Until it hits them themselves.

Even the bare figures are alarming: more than half of all households have already suffered water damage¹. Anyone who does not protect themselves is making a more than risky bet!

It’s so easy to play it safe.

¹ The ConsumerView, Januar 2017, Quantitative Assessment Europe

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Safety fittings

Sometimes you just have to let go.

Your local ordinance regulates the standards for the protection of drinking water against non-potable water. It also specifies the areas of application for safety valves by defining various categories of liquids. DIN 1988-100 supplements DIN EN 1717 with some national regulations on the subject.

The regulations can be summarised as follows: A drinking water installation must never be connected to systems containing water not intended for human consumption without a suitable safety device.

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Safety fittings