JUDO i-balance

Fully automatic scale protection for domestic water installations

i-balance Fully automatic scale protection for domestic water installations, for drinking water up to 30 °C, max. operating pressure 7 bar, nominal flow rate 1.5 – 2.5 m³/h.

Thanks to JUDO QUICKSET-E, installation in horizontally and vertically running pipes possible.

Product benefits:

  • Highly effective limescale protection

    protects drinking water installations and boilers up to 80 °C

  • Water of purest origin

    Limescale protection without additives

  • Cost-saving

    no expensive and time-consuming cartridge replacement – unique worldwide

  • Conserves resources

    no heating required, avoids waste by changing cartridges and saves electricity and water through intelligent water management

  • Integrated leakage protection – individually adjustable

    detects leaks and creeping water losses

  • Three-stage holiday mode

    automatic activation after 72 hours without water withdrawal

  •  Safe in case of power failure

    Patented safety module to stop the flushing process in the event of a power failure

  • Individual and fully automatic flushing

    Automatic flushing possible via waste water connection or manually via a 10-litre bucket

  • Integrated siphon

Scope of delivery:

Elegant, stable housing, PN 10, integrated siphon according to EN 1717, with integrated water meter, electrolytically working crystal generator with microprocessor-controlled treatment current. German VDE-tested plug-in power supply unit 230 V/50 Hz, with two servomotors for automatic cathode cleaning and discharge of excess lime into the drain line, operation and function indicated by display with membrane keypad, patented safety module to stop the rinsing process in case of power failure. With an i-safe leakage protection for the single-family house for shutting off the tap water when the set limit values are exceeded (total water quantity, maximum water flow, extraction duration and holiday switching). Including built-in rotary flange with patented bayonet connection, with screw connections and mounting lid, potential-free fault signal.

Order number


8210436i-balance ¾"
8210437i-balance 1"


JUDO QUICKSET-X bypass valve JQX
Bypass valve with bayonet connection for installation between JUDO QUICKSET-E built-in rotary flange and JUDO i-balance.
Order number 8735210

JUDO Cable for external fault signal, 10 meters.
Order number 2210556

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