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Your bathroom is your oasis of well-being and the starting point of every new day. A place for rest and relaxation.

But unfortunately, it is often the case that the pleasure doesn’t last very long: When the water leaves a white overlay on tiles, fittings and glass surfaces. And your pleasant feeling disappears at the very thought of cleaning for hours on end.

The reason for this is, that the water is very hard and has a high lime content. And that’s is not only problematic for comfort reasons.

Making water a comfort zone

for more quality of life.

Soft water is a blessing for your skin

Anyone who has ever taken a bath in soft water knows the incomparably gentle feeling on the skin. Soft water invigorates and cares. It turns every bath into a sensual experience and every shower into a small wellness treatment.

The hardness degree of your water is an important factor when it comes to skin care. When you are prone to dry skin, redness and eczema, hard water can cause problems. It can cause dry skin and the soap as well as the make-up can probably not be completely washed off – an additional burden.

Soft water improves the skin’s appearance in the long term – and it also ensures that your hair shines better and is easier to style.

But soft water can do so much more.

weiches WunschWasser eine Wohltat für Ihre Haut
mehr Lebensqualität

Soft water saves us from lot of cleaning work.

The most beautiful rain shower is no pleasure for you if after only a few days you have to clean the tiles and taps for hours with agressive cleaning agents to get rid of the annoying lime stains. When shower heads and aerators clog and kettles calcify.

Soft water significantly decreases the time of cleaning required and also reduces your consumption of cleaning agents.


Soft water improves the aroma of coffee and tea

The lime content of the water has a great influence on the taste of coffee. When it is too high, the fine acids and fruity notes of a good coffee will not come through. This often results in an unwanted taste of its own. Most coffee connoisseurs swear by a hardness degree of 8 °dH. Even softer water, on the other hand, would emphasise the acids too much.

Even among tea experts it is well known that water quality plays a major role. For those who like it very traditional, they use melted snow to prepare tea, as it was practiced in ancient China. If you do not have snow at hand, it is indeed recommended to use softened water. Soft water emphasizes the aromas of the tea. In contrast, lime binds the taste-forming acids in the tea and prevents them from developing.


weiches WunschWasser verbessert das Aroma von Kaffee und Tee

Soft water of your dreams

An investment that pays for itself.

Softened water saves energy

A layer of scale on the inner surfaces of hot water pipes absorbs thermal energy. As a result, you have to use more energy to get the hot water you desire.

A layer of scale on the transfer surfaces of heat exchangers has the same effect – it restains the heat transfer; energy consumption increases. The use of a water-softener speaks for itsself for money saving rasons.

weiches WunschWasser spart Energie
optimaler Geräteschutz

Optimal protection for your technical devices

The high-quality technology in your household needs softened water to be able to fulfil its complex functions permanently. Your espresso machine, your dishwasher and your thermal spring work more efficiently and in the long term more reliably when they are operated with softened water.

Less maintenance

Scale and rust-free pipes are particularly durable and transport your valuable drinking water reliably for decades. Softened water helps to avoid costly repairs and reconstructions, or at least it reduces related time and efforts.

weniger Reinigungsmittel

Less detergent

Softened water leaves less limescale deposits on tiles, taps and glass shower walls. It therefore significantly reduces the cleaning time required and lowers the consumption of cleaning agents.

Softened water

saves time and ensures hygiene.

Softened water assists with the housework

If you live in an area with hard water, you will need to use more detergent – the dosage instructions on the packaging will tell you accordingly. With very hard water this can even be twice the amount!

Coffee machines and other household appliances also have to struggle with hard water. Frequent cleaning is the solution, for example with vinegar essence.

With softend water, you save a lot of cleaning agents and detergents. And a lot of work and time.

saubere Küche
sauberes Trinkwasser

Soft water contributes to hygiene

The be-all and end-all of hygiene is the professional design and correct operation of a drinking water installation. Nevertheless, soft water also contributes to hygiene – by depriving bacteria of the basis of life.

Bacteria like to live in rough, jagged surfaces and love calcified pipes. Soft water prevents from limescale and ensures smooth inner pipe surfaces. And thus for an inhospitable enviroment for bacteria.

Making water a comfort zone. Worldwide unique and exclusively manufactured by JUDO.

Where all our knowledge is incorporated:

making water a comfort zone.


The PREMIUM-LINE softeners from JUDO are the only ones in the world that spoil the proprieter with making water a comfort zone: the perfect soft water for every situation, easily selected via app.

The basis is an intelligent sensor and control technology. The i-guard sensor monitors the raw water quality and passes the data on to the i-matic. The control system adjusts the system settings fully automatically. Depending on the operator’s wishes.


Don’t worry. The salt is only used to regenerate the system and then rinsed out completely. Only then is the tank available again for ion exchange. So no salt gets into the drinking water.

During softening, calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. The total mineral content therefore remains the same.

Softening units work according to the ion exchange process. This means that they exchange the hardness forming calcium and magnesium ions, in the water, for sodium ions. This process takes place in the exchange columns.

These columns contain a high-performance resin on whose surface sodium ions are located. When hard water flows through the containers, the hardness forming ions displace the sodium and bind to the resin. The water is softened.

After a certain time, however, the resin is saturated. The device must be regenerated. To do this, the columns are filled with a saline solution, whereby the resin beads are again filled with sodium ions. Calcium and magnesium ions flow out and the resin is ready to use again.

During regeneration, an exchange column can’t provide softened water. If a softening unit only has one such container (so-called single-column units), it is inevitably out of service for a certain period of time. That’s not the case with the units of the JUDO i-soft series and the SOFTwell P and K: they have two exchange columns. If one of them regenerates, the other one simply continues working.

Water reaches earth via precipitation. Before it hits the ground, it is very soft: hardness of rainwater is close to zero.

Then it seeps away and finally collects as ground water. On its way through different layers of earth and rock, it dissolves various mineral salts. The composition of these rock layers determines the hardness of the water. If a large amount of calcium and magnesium salts gets into the water, it becomes hard. This is particularly the case in areas with a lot of limestone or chalk.

A high-quality water softening unit is absolutely hygienical. First of all, salt already has an antibacterial effect with every regeneration.

JUDO softening units also do a lot to ensure maximum hygienein their operation: they produce small amounts of chlorine from the brine, which fights germs with its disinfecting effect. Even if no water has been taken, the plants initiate a regeneration after 4 days.

The dual systems of the JUDO PREMIUM- and PERFORMANCE-LINE work in parallel operation. This means that there is a constant flow through both softener columns, so that there is no stagnation. The capacity of each softener column is fully utilised. Thus the plants offer a maximum of hygiene and safety.

Lime stains on tiles, fittings and glass shower partitions indicate: you have hard water. Softening is recommended if your water has a hardness of approx. 16 °dH or more. Because from this value on, your pipes are also at risk. Calcifications and constrictions can occur, which in extreme cases can even completely block pipes. And that can be really expensive. Softened water protects you from this.

But soft water has many more advantages: Coffee and tea taste more aromatic. You need less detergent and cleaning agents. Your laundry becomes fluffy soft. And above all, you do something good for yourself: soft water gives you an incomparable feelin gon the skin. It counteracts redness and irritation. It ensures that your hair shines more and is easier to style. In short: It turns every shower into a small wellness treatment.

There is no central contact point. However, your water supplier is obliged to provide information about the different degrees of hardness in each supply area. Usually this information can be found on the website of your water or municipal utility. Please note that water hardness may vary from day to day, as your water supplier obtains and mixes water from different sources. In germany there are – depending on the region – water hardnesses between 0.358 mmol/l (2 °dH) * to approx. 7.16 mmol/l (40 °dH).

You can also learn interesting facts about your drinking water after a drinking water analysis in a laboratory. They will inform you about the most important parameters of your drinking water. This also includes the total hardness.

* 1 °dH = 0.179 mmol/l; 1 mmol/l = 5.6 °dH

The unit is installed directly after the protective filter, which in turn is located directly behind the water meter. Our softening units are designed in such a way that they can be installed even in the smallest of spaces: Brine tank and unit can also be installed separately.

Making water a comfort zone against stubborn deposits and encrustations in pipe systems.


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