JUDO i-balance: Intelligent limescale protection without additives

In addition to softening, JUDO offers another, extremely natural treatment process.

In this process, the lime remains in the water, but binds to small crystals and thus no longer settles on the surfaces. This process takes place naturally, without the addition of chemicals.

In addition to the proven systems of the i-balance series, JUDO now also has the two models i-balance 50 and i-balance 75 in its portfolio. They provide highly effective limescale protection for buildings with several residential units.

The highlights at a glance

Limescale protection
in a natural way

10 percent
Counteracting energy consumption

the smart quality assurance

the intelligent, self-regulating control system

the leakage protection for the single-family house

NEW: Low-limescale water
for building services engineering

The products at a glance

The i-balance 15 - 25

Fully automatic limescale protection for the domestic water station

The i-balance 50

Fully automatic limescale protection for building services

The i-balance 75

Fully automatic limescale protection for building services

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