Filling valve with integrated pipe separator and pressure regulator

JHF-F PLUS, for water up to 65 °C, max. operating pressure 10 bar, filling capacity max. approx. 800 l/h.

Integrated pipe separator, type BA, offers security up to liquid category 4.
Integrated pressure regulator ensures constant systems pressure stability.
Integrated fine filter 25 µm (only model JHF-F PLUS ÖN).

Product benefits:

  • Safety included

    protects drinking water from non-potable water up to and including liquid category 4

  • BA system separator

  • Correct and constant filling pressure

    through integrated pressure reducer, adjustable between 0.75 and 5 bar

  • Integrated fine filter 25 μm (JHF-F PLUS ÖN model only)

    For ÖNORM H 5195-1-compliant heating system filling

  • Easy and quick installation

    due to integrated shut-offs on the inlet and outlet side via ball valve

  • Compact

  • Easy to maintain

    due to integrated test ports and shut-offs on the inlet and outlet side

  • Resource-saving

    due to insulation

Scope of delivery:

Top up station for heating water feed to EN 1717. Enables a standing installation from the mains supply to the heating system, safety pipe separator type BA. Reduces the introduction of oxygen and the integrated pressure regulator ensures a constant pressure level in the infeed system as well as for automatic top up by pressure loss. HEIFI-FÜL PLUS top up systems consists of; two shut off valves (entry and exit), pressure regulator and a type BA pipe separator.


as JHF-F PLUS, but with integrated fine filter 25 µm (0.025 mm) for austrian ÖNORM H 5195-1 compliant heating filling.

Order number


8060080JHF-F PLUS
8060093JHF-F PLUS ÖN
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