JUDO jerseys provide even more fun in South Africa

The youngsters of the We Love Football Academy enthusiastically chase after football and try to kick it into the opponent’s goal with great enthusiasm. The uniform football jerseys make the players appear as a strong team – highly motivated and determined. The new jerseys are a donation from JUDO. Supporting young people has always played a central role for the family business – not only in the region, but all over the world.

Strengthen the team spirit with a uniform team image

18 December 2018 was a special day for the youngsters of the We Love Football Academy: the players completed the training session for the first time in their new JUDO jerseys. “With the jerseys we are creating a uniform team image and welding the team even closer together,” said Danny Walsh from JUDO, at the handover. “It is a very special pleasure for us to support the We Love Football Academy with its extraordinary concept.

Important lesson: Fair play – even off the football pitch

The Academy in Cape Town is financed exclusively by donations. With regular football training sessions, it helps young people from different social classes and family backgrounds to develop their skills and achieve their goals – even off the pitch. “Our aim is to awaken young people’s love of football. At the same time, we want to get them off the street and give them a feeling of belonging and cooperation,” explains Christian Alder, former professional footballer and organiser of the We Love Football Academy. “We want to raise awareness of the fact that everyone on the team is important and that together we can achieve more through cohesion and mutual support.” These are important values that the young people can apply and pass on in their often very hard everyday lives. The uniform jerseys of JUDO further strengthen this intention. “We would therefore like to thank you very much,” says Christian Alder happily.

For more information about the We Love Football Academy, please visit: www.welovefootballacademy.org.

Jersey donation
Picture 1: Training in the new JUDO jerseys went particularly well: The jerseys ensure a uniform team image and strengthen team cohesion.
Jersey donation
Picture 2: The youth players of the We Love Football Academy in their new JUDO jerseys Danny Walsh from JUDO (far left) and Academy organiser Christian Alder (far right) were delighted with them.
Jersey donation
Picture 3: The aim of the academy is to awaken a love of football in young people and to get them off the streets.
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