JUDO BIOSTAT 2050 - 2200

Lime protection system for building services

BST 2050 – 2200 Lime protection system for building services, for drinking water up to 30 °C, max. operating pressure 8 bar, nominal flow rate 5 – 20 m³/h.

Protects against lime deposits.

Product benefits:

  • Highly effective limescale protection

    protects drinking water installations and boilers up to 80 °C

  • Water of purest origin

    Limescale protection without additives

  • Time- and cost-saving maintenance

    The possibility of shutting off individual areas ensures almost 100 % operation

  • Resource-saving

    No heating up required

  • Safe in case of power failure

    Patented safety module to stop the flushing process in case of power failure

  •  Integrated siphon

Scope of delivery:

Modularly constructed compact unit, independent single units (PN 10), individually lockable for maintenance purposes, with integrated water meter, electrolytically working crystal generator with microprocessor-controlled treatment current. Automatic determination and display of the rinsing time and the replacement interval of the limescale protection unit. Operation and function indication by LEDs, patented safety module for termination of the rinsing process in case of power failure. With electric motors for automatic cathode cleaning and discharge of excess lime into the drain line, german VDE-tested power supply unit, complete with internal system piping.

Order number


8210350BST 2050
8210440BST 2075
8210351BST 2100
8210352BST 2150
8210353BST 2200


JUDO Lime protection unit for BST 2050 – 2200
Replacement by the JUDO customer service or by a trained installer.
For the BST 2050 2 pieces are required, BST 2075 = 3 pieces, BST 2100 = 4 pieces, BST 2150 = 6 pieces and BST 2200 = 8 pieces.
Order number 2210358


JUDO Fault message JSMP-JCS
Potential-free contact for remote transmission of a collective fault message from the alternative limescale protection system BST 2050 – 2200.
Order number 8200345

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