One look back, one look forward.

Last year, JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH celebrated its 80th anniversary. On this occasion, the employees of the in-house development department delved into the patent archive – for an interim balance sheet on innovation. The result: 131 patents now bear the name JUDO.

It all started with a patent for a “mixing device for different liquids” in 1951, which sounds complicated but was called “vaccination bee” by its trade name – and was the world’s first fine dosing device.

Further milestones: the patent of the “mechanical filter for pipelines” – the drinking water protection filter from 1961. the “device for softening drinking water” from 1981. the “self-cleaning filter for water supply systems”. Finally, the i-soft followed, the first fully automatic softening system in the world, which was patented throughout Europe and in eight other countries.

But after this short trip into the past we turn our attention again to the future. The picture frame for patent no. 132 is already ready.

Impfbiene patent from the year 1951
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