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QC class up to 1¼"

JUDO Premium Backwash Protective Filters and Domestic Water Stations.

Without a protective filter, dangerous electrochemical elements can develop. These lead to corrosion points, to pitting corrosion and finally to pipe breakage. In addition, these particles cause malfunctions in taps, affecting the valuable ceramic cartridges and damaging them.
The result is an unavoidable and costly replacement. High-quality sanitary appliances and sensitive devices, such as control and regulating devices, are also damaged by these tiny particles.

JUDO i-soft SAFE+ Vollautomatische Enthärtungsanlage

i-soft and i-soft SAFE+

JUDO water softeners perfect for every situation.

With JUDO, you can take the term “MyWater” literally. Because with the i-soft and i-soft SAFE+ soft eners, you can set your water hardness just as you wish it to be – either on the device or conveniently via app or voice command. Our systems adapt fully automatically and set the specified hardness on their own. For this purpose, you have a specially developed intelligent water management system.

i-dos eco

Fully Automatic Dosing System JUDO i-dos eco for top quality water.

The water pipes in the house are an essential factor for the quality of drinking water - and oft en responsible when it is impaired. Under unfavourable conditions, rust and limescale can build up in the pipes.
In the long run, there is a risk of high costs due to damage to the installation. Rough surfaces inside corroded or calcifi ed pipes also provide an ideal habitat for bacteria. Additionally, an increased energy consumption will make things worse.

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