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Floor standing softeners

Space-saving. Smart. Flexible.

of softening

With the new JUDO i-soft PRO water softener, you not only get the soft water you want, but also a device in which intuitive operation, functionality and design merge into a single unit. In short: the future of softening. The JUDO i-soft PRO is a compact, floor-standing softener with a specially developed user experience. It underlines the high value, emphasises the innovative user guidance and reflects the special product quality.

The i-soft K and SOFTwell KP / KS water softeners

With the new floor-standing water softeners, you can expect two true miracles of space. They are easy to set up even when space is limited. In addition, the units can also be mounted on the wall (with accessories) or under the worktop. The proven JUDO technology is installed in a small space. The units not only offer an attractive design, but also, among other things, 24-hour water on demand with intelligent water management.

When it comes to protective sediment filters, no one can fool us

It╩╝s our systems others strive to imitate.

The best protection against bacterial growth is a really clean screen.

Backwash filters were not only invented, but also perfected by JUDO. The point-to-point rotation system ensures high pressure cleaning regulated by three rotating arms along the filter screen. This method offers much better screen cleaning efficiency than standard backwash systems, as well as much better hygiene. Efficient impurity removal ensures there is no bacterial development.

Backwash, don╩╝t replace!

Using JUDO backwash filters means you no longer have the trouble of replacing that dirty filter cartridge every 6 months. Simply backwash the filter screen using filtered water. All done in a simple turn of a handwheel with no interruption to the ongoing water supply, no changes in water quality and
without waste cartridges.

Integrated free outlet.

To ensure that the backwash water is completely removed from the filter, it must be able to flow freely to the drain. This ensures that contaminated backwash water does not return through the filter to the general supply system and eliminates any danger of bacterial contamination. All the filters in the JUDO PROFI PLUS range have a flush valve and an additional hose adapter with integrated free outlet that performs exactly this function, ensuring an efficient operation in the whole sanitary installation.

JUDO Bioquell®-PURE

Undersink reverse osmosis

JUDO Bioquell®-PURE has been designed specifically for easy use and peace of mind. The compact system can be easily installed and offers a reliable supply of clean, clear and odourless drinking water. As a flow-through system, no additional storage tank is required thus saving space and reducing the risk of stagnation. Cartridge change is especially easy thanks to a cartridge clip system and an internal layout for easy access to all replaceable parts.

The first stage is a dual cartridge made of polypropylene and activated carbon. This filtration stage eliminates all particles (e.g. sand, dirt, rust) and removes residual chlorine, the cause of bad taste and smell. The RO membrane, as a second stage, removes traces of hormones, pesticides, organics, microorganisms and heavy metals (e.g. Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead and Chromium). The result is pure water for you to enjoy.

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