Automatic backwash protective filter (time and differential pressure controlled)

JPF-QC-ATP DN 65 – 100 Automatic backwash protective filter (time and differential pressure controlled), according to EN 13443-1 and DIN 19628, for drinking water up to 30 °C, operating pressure range 1.5 – 10 bar (JPF-QC-ATP DN 65: 1.5 – 16 bar), nominal flow rate 25 – 60 m³/h (at 0.2 bar pressure loss).

With stainless steel filter screen, time and differential pressure controlled automatic backwash system, LCD display and safety module.

Product benefits:

  • Reliable protection

    against dirt entry

  • Backwash instead of rinse

  • Automatic, thorough, clean

    with automatic, time- and differential pressure-controlled backwashing and clear display

  • Safe in case of power failure

    patented safety module for termination of the backwash process in case of power failure

  • Highly effective

    screen cleaning through unique point rotation system

  • Practical

    no interruption of the water supply during backwashing

  • Conserves resources and saves costs

    avoids waste by changing filter cartridges and is water-saving due to an effective and short backwashing process

Scope of delivery:

Filter housing made of high-quality grey cast iron PN 10 (JPF-QC-ATP DN 65: PN 16); internally and externally corrosion-resistant plastic coating; flange connection according to EN 1092-2; stainless steel filter screen; backwashing according to the highly effective point rotation system for optimum germ protection with simultaneous cleaning of the sight glass; with automatic backwashing system for triggering the operating and backwashing positions, plug-in power supply 230 V/50 Hz, patented safety module for closing the flushing valve in case of power failure, control via keyboard and LCD display, time-controlled automatic backwashing system (adjustable 4 hours to 50 days), with differential pressure switch (adjustable differential pressure up to 1 bar) for triggering the backwashing.

Order number


8025062JPF-QC-ATP DN 65 100 µm (0,10 mm)
8025063JPF-QC-ATP DN 80 100 µm (0,10 mm)
8025064JPF-QC-ATP DN 100 100 µm (0,10 mm)
8025065JPF-QC-ATP DN 65 30 µm (0,03 mm)
8025066JPF-QC-ATP DN 80 30 µm (0,03 mm)
8025067JPF-QC-ATP DN 100 30 µm (0,03 mm)
8025068JPF-QC-ATP DN 65 320 µm (0,32 mm)
8025069JPF-QC-ATP DN 80 320 µm (0,32 mm)
8025070JPF-QC-ATP DN 100 320 µm (0,32 mm)
8025071JPF-QC-ATP DN 65 500 µm (0,50 mm)
8025072JPF-QC-ATP DN 80 500 µm (0,50 mm)
8025073JPF-QC-ATP DN 100 500 µm (0,50 mm)


JUDO I/O cable set
For transmission of potential-free messages (suitable for PROFIMAT-QC-AT/-ATP ¾” – DN 100 and PROMIMAT-QC-AT 3/4″ – 1¼”).
Order number: 2021074

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