Automatic backwash protective filter (time and differential pressure controlled)

JRSF-ATP DN 65 – 100 Automatic backwash protective filter (time and differential pressure controlled), according to EN 13443-1 and DIN 19628, for drinking water up to 30 °C, operating pressure range 1.5 – 10 bar, nominal flow rate 30 – 51 m³/h (at 0.2 bar pressure loss).

Two filter chambers, each with a stainless steel filter insert and time and differential pressure controlled automatic backwash system.

Product benefits:

  • Reliable protection

    against dirt ingress

  • Backwash instead of rinse

  • Automatic, thorough, clean

    with automatic, time- and differential pressure-controlled backwashing and clear display

  • Practical

    without interruption of the water supply during backwashing

  • Conserves resources and saves costs

    avoids waste by changing filter cartridges and is water-saving due to an effective and short backwashing process

  • Robust

    housing made of high-quality cast iron

  • Available with special mesh sizes 0.03 mm, 0.32 mm, 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm

  • Silicone free version available

Scope of delivery:

Housing made of high-quality grey cast iron PN 10 with two connections ¼” IG for differential pressure gauge, flange connection according to EN 1092-2, inside and outside corrosion-resistant plastic-coated, sight glasses on both sides, two filter chambers with one permanent filter insert each (filter screen made of stainless steel), multi-way valve with linear actuator for automatic control of the operating and backwash positions, differential pressure gauge with switch contacts, diaphragm flushing valve with attached pilot solenoid valve (control medium compressed air 5.5 – 7 bar), PLC control with potential-free fault and backwash signal, power supply 230 V/50 Hz.

Control type:

Automatic differential pressure controlled backwashing (via adjustable switching contact of the differential pressure gauge) with time priority switching via weekly timers or interval as well as manually triggered backwashing.


Silicone-free version on request.

Order number


8502021JRSF-ATP DN 65 100 µm (0,10 mm)
8502022JRSF-ATP DN 80 100 µm (0,10 mm)
8502023JRSF-ATP DN 100 100 µm (0,10 mm)
8310142JRSF-ATP DN 65 30 µm (0,03 mm)
8310152JRSF-ATP DN 80 30 µm (0,03 mm)
8310162JRSF-ATP DN 100 30 µm (0,03 mm)
8310146JRSF-ATP DN 65 320 µm (0,32 mm)
8310156JRSF-ATP DN 80 320 µm (0,32 mm)
8310166JRSF-ATP DN 100 320 µm (0,32 mm)
8310147JRSF-ATP DN 65 500 µm (0,50 mm)
8310157JRSF-ATP DN 80 500 µm (0,50 mm)
8310167JRSF-ATP DN 100 500 µm (0,50 mm)
8310148JRSF-ATP DN 65 1000 µm (1,00 mm)
8310158JRSF-ATP DN 80 1000 µm (1,00 mm)
8310168JRSF-ATP DN 100 1000 µm (1,00 mm)
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