Dosing solution

JKL 87, based on anionic polyelectrolytes.

Field of application: For the treatment of inorganically contaminated water.

Effect: Prevents the formation of hard lime and gypsum deposits and the settling of insoluble suspended solids.

Dosage: The quantity used depends on various factors and should therefore be determined in consultation with JUDO. As a rule, 5 – 30 ppm should be dosed in proportion to the quantity of the additional water or as a shock dosing. This corresponds to a volume concentration of about 5 – 27 ml/m³.

Scope of delivery:

Available in the container sizes 25, 60 and 220 litres.

Order number


8839166JKL 87, 25 litre containers
8839167JKL 87, 60 litre containers
8839168JKL 87, 220 litre containers
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