JUDO i-soft 5 - 20 TGA

Fully automatic water softener for whole building technology

JUDO i-soft 5 – 20 TGA Fully automatic water softener for whole building technology, protects against limescale deposits with soft water and increases comfort. Stagnation-free operation. Parallel operation mode guarantees an even flow through all parts of the system. With DIN-DVGW-tested individual modules.

Suitable up to 200 residential units
Nominal flow rate 5,3 – 20 m³/h (with hardness reduction from 20 °dH to 8 °dH)
For drinking water up to 30 °C
Operating pressure 2 – 7 bar

Product benefits:

  • Measures and regulates

    compensation for fluctuating input hardness and automatic adjustment of system settings – unique in the world

  • MyWater 24 h

    two softening columns in parallel operation

  • Hygiene-optimized

    stagnation-free, forced flow, automatic sanitation

  • Optional Connectivity-Module (i-soft 5 TGA model)

    for connection via LAN and worldwide control via app or web browser

  • Signal display

  • Integrated Siphon

  • Lance technology

  • Easy to assemble and maintain

Scope of delivery:

System consisting of a frame with built-on water distributor (i-soft 5 TGA with connection block JQT) and separately adjustable softener connections to accommodate the individual modules. The softening containers (PN 10) of the individual modules are filled with high-quality, food-grade monospheric ion exchange resin for optimal water distribution and minimization of pressure loss and regenerant use, calibratable “i-guard” water inlet sensor for quantity and quality-dependent control, wear-free ceramic disc technology that has been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times for lifelong programmed operation, control electronics with LCD display for: operation, regeneration, residual hardness and salt deficiency, as well as manual regeneration activation and preselection buttons for bypass water hardness, blended water control by “i-matic”, forced regeneration after 72 hours, at the latest, and system hygienization by means of a built-in disinfection device with platinum-coated titanium electrodes, separate salt reservoir with continuous brine storage and connection via lance technology, two-stage salt deficiency indicator, complete with internal system piping.


JUDO Connectivity-Module Set for connecting the i-soft 5 TGA via LAN connection to a network and the internet, iOS/Android and browser apps available, for worldwide access to extensive information, automated messages and functions such as regeneration initiation.

Order number


8204010i-soft 5 TGA
8204011i-soft 7,5 TGA
8204012i-soft 10 TGA
8204013i-soft 10 L TGA
8204014i-soft 15 TGA
8204015i-soft 20 TGA


JUDO Connectivity-Module Set for JUDO i-soft 5 TGA (LAN)
Order number 8235011

JUDO fault message JSMP-JCS
Potential-free contact for remote transmission of a general error message from i-soft 5 – 20 TGA water softeners
Order number 8200345

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