Filtration and desalination/softening in closed circuits

JHPC-T and JHPC-TG, flow rate max. 700 l/h, for water up to 60 °C, operating pressure range 2.5 – 6 bar.

With the JHPC-T/-TG a functional unit has been developed especially for heating water treatment which not only fulfils the german VDI guideline 2035 but is also highly efficient.

Product benefits:

  • Standard-compliant heating water quality

    with demineralised or softened water

  • Efficient and quickly ready for use

    due to fully mobile unit

  • Unit can be used ideally as a tool

  • Saves resources and costs

    Treats water in closed circuits – without emptying,
    without refilling and without interrupting operation

  • Efficient and versatile

    the unit filters and desalinates or softens heating and
    process water in one step – without having to shut down the system

  • Everything in view

    Indication of conductivity on the LCD display

  • Safe

    Monitoring based on differential pressure and conductivity

  • Communicative

    GSM module for sending status messages * (model JHPC-TG)

  • Practical

    Completely pre-assembled and easy to transport

Scope of delivery:

Model JHPC-T

Completely pre-assembled on a handy frame, internally hydraulically piped and electrically wired water treatment system consisting of a shut-off ball valve on the inlet side, a JUDO MAFI magnetite filter with venting system, a heating circulation pump with mains cable and shock-proof plug, backflow preventer, Stainless steel exchanger tank (first filled at the factory with high-quality mixed-bed ion exchange resin for complete desalination), inlet and outlet pressure manometer, conductivity sensor on the inlet and outlet side for determining the conductivity of untreated and treated circuit water, measuring counter for monitoring the flow rate display and for determining a possible filling or replenishment water quantity, shut-off ball valve on the outlet side.


As before, but with additional GSM module for sending status messages (e.g. end of capacity) via SMS *.


The additionally required replacement filling of JUDO mixed-bed ion exchange resin for complete desalination (order number 8545016) or JUDO cation exchange resin for complete softening (order number 8731020) must be ordered separately. For the circuit connection of the JUDO HEIFI-PURE & CLEAN, a connection facility including on-site shut-off fittings must be provided in the return pipe of the heating system with a distance of at least 500 mm between inlet and outlet.

* For sending status messages by SMS, a separate mini-SIM card from any supplier is required by the customer.

Order number




JUDO Cation exchange resin
For softening. for immediate refilling of the cartridge with cation exchange resin, packed in 25 l sacks.
Order number 8731020

JUDO Mixed bed exchange resin
For desalination, for immediate refilling of the mixed bed cartridge, packed in 25 l sacks.
Order number 8545016

Required accessories:

JUDO Exchange cartridge JHPC-AP incl. resin filling
Order number 8057510

JUDO Flexible connection hose JAS ¾”
For connecting the JUDO HEIFI-PURE & CLEAN to the individually or serially connected exchange cartridge JHPC-AP, 1 piece
Order number 8581012

JUDO Connection hose set for JUDO HEIFI-PURE & CLEAN
Consisting of: Armoured hose, flexible; connection on both sides ¾” IG with union nut, operating pressure max. 10 bar; length 200 cm; for water temperatures max. 110 °C.
Order number 8581010

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