Filtration and desalination/softening in closed circuits

JHPC 1 and JHPC 1 GSM, for water up to 60 °C, operating pressure range 2.5 – 6 bar, flow rate max. 700 l/h.

Complete, skid mounted treatment systems for use in closed circuits.

Product benefits:

  • Standard-compliant heating water quality

    with demineralised or softened water

  • Efficient and quickly ready for use

    due to fully functional unit

  • Saves resources and costs

    Treats water in closed circuits – without draining, without refilling and without interrupting operation

  • Efficient and versatile

    the unit filters and desalinates or softens heating and process water in one step – without having to shut down the system

  • Everything in view

    Display of conductivity and flow rate on the LCD display

  • Safe

    Monitoring based on differential pressure and conductivity

  • Communicative

    GSM module for sending status messages * (model JHPC 1 GSM)

  • High-efficiency circulation pump

Scope of delivery:

Model JHPC 1

High-efficiency circulation pump, JUDO HEIFI-TOP backwashable filter with aeaeration feature, stainless steel exchange container including initial filling with high-quality mixed-bed ion exchange resin as well as pre- and post-pressure manometer, monitoring of flow rate and conductivity, JUDO pH and conductivity tester JPKOM for sampling according to german VDI 2035, inlet and outlet shut-off ball valve, possibility of water make-up according to EN 1717 by means of a water meter to record the make-up quantity and JUDO HEIFI-FÜL PLUS filling valve with integrated pipe separator, pressure regulator, pressure gauge and two shut-off ball valves, completely mounted on a powder-coated frame ready for connection.

Model JHPC 1 GSM

As before, but with additional GSM module for sending status messages (e.g. end of capacity) via SMS *.


* For sending status messages via SMS, a separate mini-SIM card from any provider is required by the customer.

Expert advice required!

Order number


8057066JHPC 1
8057067JHPC 1 GSM


JUDO Cation exchange resin
For softening. for immediate refilling of the cartridge with cation exchange resin, packed in 25 l sacks.
Order number 8731020

JUDO Mixed bed exchange resin
For desalination, for immediate refilling of the mixed bed cartridge, packed in 25 l sacks.
Order number 8545016

JUDO JUDOFILT, grain size 0.4 – 0.8 mm, per kg (vibration density 1.58; 25 kg = approx. 16 l).
Order number 8731007

Required accessories:

JUDO Exchange cartridge JHPC-AP incl. resin filling
Order number 8057510

JUDO Flexible connection hose JAS ¾”
For connecting the JUDO HEIFI-PURE & CLEAN to the individually or serially connected exchange cartridge JHPC-AP, 1 piece
Order number 8581012

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