JUDO i-soft 5 - 20 TGA

Fully automatic softening unit for building services

i-soft 5 – 20 TGA, according to EN 14743 and DIN 19636-100, for drinking water up to 30 °C, operating pressure range 2 – 7 bar, nominal flow rate 5.0 – 20 m³/h (with reduction of hardness from 20 °dH to 8 °dH).

Protects with soft water against lime deposits and increases comfort.

Stagnation-free operation
The parallel mode of operation guarantees a uniform flow through all system components.
With german DIN-DVGW-tested individual modules.

Scope of delivery:

System consisting of a frame with attached water distributor (i-soft 5 TGA with connection block JQT) and separately adjustable softener connections for holding the individual modules. The exchanger tanks (PN 10) of the individual modules are filled with high-quality monospheric ion exchange resin in food quality for optimum water distribution and minimisation of pressure loss and regenerant consumption, “i-guard” calibrateable sensor in the water inlet for quantity- and quality-dependent control, wear-free ceramic disk technology proven thousands of times over for lifelong programming of operating sequences, control electronics with LCD display for operation, Regeneration, residual hardness and salt deficiency, additional manual triggering of regeneration and preselection buttons for the cutting water hardness, cutting water control by “i-matic”, forced regeneration after 96 hours at the latest and plant hygienisation by built-in disinfection device with platinum-plated titanium electrodes, separate salt solution and storage tank with continuous brine supply and connection with lance technology, 2-stage salt deficiency indicator, complete with internal plant piping.


JUDO Connectivity Module Set to connect the i-soft 5 TGA via LAN connection to a home network and the Internet, iOS/Android App and web browser available, for worldwide access to extensive information, automated messages and functions like regeneration triggering.

Order number


8203022i-soft 5 TGA
8203038i-soft 7,5 TGA
8203023i-soft 10 TGA
8203024i-soft 15 TGA
8203025i-soft 20 TGA


JUDO Regenerating salt
According to EN 973 in tablet form à 25 kg.
Order number 8839101


JUDO Connectivity module set for JUDO i-soft 5 TGA
Order number 8235011

JUDO Fault message JSMP-JCS
Potential-free contact for remote transmission of a collective fault message of the softening plants of type i-soft 5 – 20 TGA.
Order number 8200345

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