Lime protection and water softening plants -
now BAFA supported!

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, BAFA for short, set up a new support programme for heating with renewable energies on 30 December 2019. A grant will be awarded to efficient technologies that use renewable energies to supply the building sector with heating and cooling.

Good for you to know: In the current version 2.0 of the information sheet on the eligible costs of the funding programme from
February 3, the installation of lime protection and water softening systems is now also being promoted.

Prerequisite for funding

The prerequisite for the subsidy is the installation of a new heat generator in the building stock.
Existing buildings are buildings in which heating has been installed for more than two years at the time of application.

Which costs of the measure are eligible?

BAFA defines eligible investment costs as the acquisition costs of the supported heat generator, the costs for installation and commissioning as well as the necessary additional costs (environmental measures).

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control has recorded all the important details and further information in the “Merkblatt zu den förderfähigen Kosten – Heizen mit Erneuerbaren Energien“. Under the incidental costs (environmental measures) you will find under point II.5, among other things, the now eligible acquisition costs for lime protection and water softening systems.

Wer profitiert von der Förderung?

Die Förderung richtet sich nicht nur an Privatpersonen und Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaften, sondern auch an Freiberufler, Kommunen, Unternehmen und andere juristische Personen.

What is the goal behind this?

The switch to renewable energies is an important aspect of the energy turnaround. From 2026, for example, pure oil heating systems may no longer be installed in Germany. In order to make the changeover as easy and lucrative as possible for real estate owners, the government has launched this subsidy program, among other things.

What does the funding mean for you in concrete terms?

If you are planning to switch to renewable energies when it comes to heating, you can be reimbursed up to 45% of the total costs.

If, for example, you decide on a biomass plant (e.g. wood pellet heating) or a heat pump, you can expect a subsidy rate of 35 % of the eligible costs, and if you replace an existing oil heating system, you can even expect a replacement premium of
45 %.

For a hybrid heating system, i.e. a combination of biomass, heat pump and/or solar thermal energy, the subsidy rate is 35 % (45 % when replacing an existing oil heating system).

In the case of a gas hybrid heating system with renewable heat generation, the rate of subsidy is 30 % (40 % when replacing an existing oil heating system). If the gas hybrid heating only prepares the renewable heat generator, the subsidy rate is 20 %. In the case of a subsequent retrofitting within 2 years, you will receive the subsidy rate of 30 % for this later individual measure.

BAFA Funding 2020

Thanks to the addition in version 2.0 of the information sheet, the acquisition costs of lime protection and softening plants are now also eligible for aid at the percentages listed above.

The assembly and installation costs, including the necessary specialist technical work and materials, are also eligible.

Step by step to promotion

Application for funding

If you wish to make use of this funding, it is important that you submit an application for funding to BAFA before the start of the measures – the start of the project is defined as the conclusion of a supply or service contract attributable to the execution of the project.

Please note in this context:
The amount of the costs you indicate in your application cannot be changed upwards at a later stage.

Electronic application form to apply for funding

Further information:

Flyer on BAFA funding (PDF file, 815.82 KB)
Information sheet on eligible costs – heating with renewable energies (PDF file, 249.13 KB)
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