JUDO i-soft

Fully automatic softening system

JUDO i-soft Fully automatic softening system, protects against limescale deposits with soft water and increases comfort, for drinking water up to 30 °C, operating pressure 2 – 7 bar.

Horizontal or vertical installation simply by turning the JUDO QUICKSET-E built-in rotary flange.

Suitable for 1 – 5 residential units
Nominal flow rate according to DIN EN 14743 and pressure loss 1 bar 1.9 m³/h,
short-time max. flow rate 3.5 m³/h

Product benefits:

  • Measures and regulates

    compensation for fluctuating input hardness and automatic adjustment of system settings – unique in the world

  • MyWater 24 h

    two softening columns in parallel operation

  • Hygiene-optimized

    stagnation-free, forced flow, automatic sanitation

  • Leakage warning

  • Connectivity module

    for connection via LAN

  • Worldwide control

    via app or browser

  • Security included

    via encrypted communication

  • Signal display

  • Siphon included

Scope of delivery:

System consisting of fibreglass reinforced containers (PN 10) filled with high quality monospheric ion exchange resin in food quality for optimal water distribution and minimization of pressure loss and regenerant use separate salt and brine storage tank with continuous level monitoring and connection via lance technology. With i-guard inlet water sensor to measure incoming water quality, and i-matic blended water control for constant water hardness even with fluctuating inlet hardness. No manual hardness measurements or adjustment of the desired water hardness required. Wear-free ceramic disc technology that has been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times for lifelong programmed operation. Forced regeneration after 72 hours, at the latest, and system hygienization by means of a built-in disinfection device with platinum-coated titanium electrodes. Control electronics with touch-sensitive keyboard and multi line LCD display for: operation, regeneration, residual hardness, two-stage salt deficiency indicator, operating status coloured light display, as well as manual regeneration triggering and leakage monitoring function setting. With potential-free fault message, integrated connectivity module for connecting the i-soft via LAN connection to a home network and the Internet, iOS/Android and browser apps available, for worldwide access to extensive information, automated messages and functions such as setting the desired water scene. Connection option for several floor sensors. Including built-in rotary flange with patented bayonet connection, with screw connections and assembly cover. Including siphon for standard-compliant connection to drain system in accordance with DIN EN 1717 and DIN 1988-100.

Order number




JUDO regeneration salt
According to DIN EN 973 type A in tablet form, 25 kg.
Order number 8839101


JUDO QUICKSET-X bypass valve JQX
Order number 8735210

JUDO floor sensor, incl. 2 metres connection cable
Order number 8203554

Each additional floor sensor (max. 9 pieces):
JUDO floor sensor incl. 2 metres connection cable and branch plug
Order number 8203556

JUDO floor sensor extension cable, 2 metres
Order number 8203551

JUDO floor sensor extension cable, 5 metres
Order number 8203552

JUDO floor sensor extension cable, 10 metres
Order number 8203553

JUDO external fault signal cable, 10 metres
Order number 2200717



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