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JUDO i-dos eco

Resource-saving, stylish and perfect fit for use.

The i-dos eco dosing system not only shines with its modern product design, but also delivers the best water quality as usual, protecting the installation and creating good conditions for hygiene and enjoyment. After all, the water pipes in the house are an essential factor for the drinking water quality - and often responsible when it is impaired. Under unfavorable conditions, rust forms or limescale is deposited in the pipes. In the long run, high costs can result from damage to the installation. Added to this is increased energy consumption. This is where the i-dos eco comes in. It adds a precisely calculated amount of dosing solution to the drinking water. The minerals used form a protective layer against corrosion or prevent limescale deposits.

A special feature of the i-dos eco is the option of using JUL mineral tablets for selected mineral solutions, thus saving resources consumed in transporting the liquid mineral solution.

The advantages at a glance:

Elegant design with clear operation features

Remote control: via smartphone and tablet with the JU-Control app * or via web interface

Multiphase motor: for particularly precise and regular distribution in the water

Easy documentation of dosed substances

Internal storage of dosing data and retrieval via USB or JU-Control web interface (if internet connection is available)

Optical signal during pump operation

Operating and warning messages as push messages, SMS or e-mail (if internet connection is available)

Download of water consumption data as CSV or PDF file via the JU-Control web interface possible (if internet connection is available)

Water consumption diagrams, in selectable time periods (day, week, month, year), can be displayed via the JU-Control app

Dosing agent tank with refill option when using JUL mineral tablets

Best quality product


* iOS and Android free-of-charge versions available

This product can be controlled worldwide via a free app.

A LAN port is available for Internet connection.

The device has a USB connection for dosing data transfer.

The internet connection is TLS-encrypted.

The product has a potential-free contact to send messages (empty tank).

A new dosing container is activated using the 4-digit code printed on it.

Easy change of JUL mineral solution

In order for the system to accurately calculate the range of the JUL mineral solution and to ensure that the right solution is used, i-dos eco containers as well as JUL mineral tablets are labelled with a 4-digit activation code. You can fi nd more information at: www.judo.eu/freischaltcode You have the choice: Replace the solution completely or use the refi ll option with mineral tablets.

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the name is program.

Control your network-compatible JUDO devices whenever and wherever you want. Find out about all important operating states and retrieve relevant data. Read messages from your devices about important events - as a push message, email or SMS.

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Ob eine Anlage oder mehrere – Sie brauchen nur eine App.

Via JU-Control APP or web interface

Via USB connection on the device


... ideal for landlords and property managers

JUDO i-dos eco takes care of the required documentation according to the Drinking Water Ordinance §16 Para. 4 for you.

The i-dos eco dosing system relieves the operator of a lot of documentation work. The system determines the type of JUL mineral solution used, the container size, and the amount of solution added.

The system stores a history of all the relevant values of the past 6 months which can be exported to a USB stick.

Very simple, safe, and paper-saving.

Brand new: With an existing internet connection, the data can be retieved via the JU-Control web interface as a PDF document. An invaluable advantage, especially when several systems are operated simultaneously.

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