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Modern heating systems work with increasingly improved degrees of effectiveness. However, the new systems
are also more and more sensitive when it comes to the quality of the water circulating in the system.
Magnetic particles, for instance, are a major problem for heating systems.

The HEIFI-TOP backwash sediment filter traps and retains suspended impurities and particulates in heating and cooling ­systems. Simultaneously, the system removes oxygen via an integrated air separator and releases it through a built-in automatic air-venting valve that operates without the use of chemicals!
The HEIFI-TOP is environmentally friendly and easy to operate. A regular backwash eliminates trapped impurities
in the unit while the system continues to perform its functions. The result? Improved heat transfer, reduced risk of corrosion and premature failure of system components such as piping, fittings, valves, regulators and pumps.
HEIFI-TOP is available in pipes sizes from ¾" to 2".

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For use in heating and cooling systems up to a water temperature
of 90 °C (194 °F).
Water pressure between 22 - 145 psi.
Housing made of high-grade brass.
Filter element and air separator made of stainless steel.
Backwash assembly made of polymer based materials.
Styrofoam shell covering for insulation.
Permanent cylindrical brush constructed of 10,000 stainless steel bristles.
Equipped with an automatic air-venting device and hand valve
to ­select operation and/or backwash positions.
A patented quick-mount device for easy installation in both ­horizontal
and vertical flow directions.
Threaded connection according to ASME/ANSI B1.20.1.

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