JUDO E-Series Filter JEF-S 2 - 6

For partial deacidification

JEF-S 2 – 6 fixed-bed filters, operating pressure min. 3 bar / max. 8 bar, flow rate max. 2 – 6 m³/h.

For partial deacidification of iron- and manganese-free drinking and process water via calcium carbonate containing filter material for discontinuous operation.

Product benefits:

  • Perfect water quality

    from well water with the support of JUDO water experts

  • Experienced

    benefit from over 80 years of JUDO expertise

  • Free water analysis

    free analysis as the basis of optimal water treatment

  • Variable

    the optimum preparation process for every case

  • Robust technique

Scope of delivery:

Filter tank made of glass fibre reinforced polyester, with nozzle rod, upper and lower nozzle, filter filling made of special deacidification material (JUDOFILT-CA), which causes a certain hardening of the water in addition to deacidification.

Automatic version JEF-S K-A

Version with central control valve for automatic (time-controlled) backwashing. Triggering also possible by hand. Power supply 230 V/50 Hz.



JUDOFILT-CA is consumed during partial deacidification and must therefore be supplemented regularly.

Expert advice required!

Order number


8360491JEF-S 2 K-A
8360492JEF-S 3 K-A
8360493JEF-S 6 K-A


JUDO JUDOFILT-CA deacidification material
For periodic refilling of used filter media, as porous calcium carbonate, packed in plastic bags of 25 kg. Granulation 0.5 – 2.5 mm (filter layer for deacidification; vibration density 1.0; 25 kg = approx. 25 l).
Order number 8360067


JUDO pH Tester JPpH
Measuring instrument for pH value determination (range 0 – 14 pH).
Order number 8690001

JUDO Buffer solution pH 7
For calibration for measuring instrument JPpH, 250 ml.
Order number 8721098

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