JUDO E-Series Filter JEF-AK 2 - 6

To improve smell and taste (activated carbon filter)

JEF-AK 2 – 6 fixed-bed filters, operating pressure min. 3 bar / max. 8 bar, flow rate max. 2 – 6 m³/h.

For residual dechlorination as well as odour and taste improvement of clear, colourless, practically iron- and manganese-free drinking and process water by adsorption via activated carbon in discontinuous operation.

Product benefits:

  • Perfect water quality

    from well water with the support of JUDO water experts

  • Experienced

    benefit from over 80 years of JUDO expertise

  • Free water analysis

    free analysis as the basis of optimal water treatment

  • Variable

    the optimum preparation process for every case

  • Robust technique

Scope of delivery:

Filter container made of glass fibre reinforced polyester, with nozzle rod, upper and lower nozzle, filter filling consisting of quartz gravel as supporting layer and activated carbon as effective filter layer.

Automatic version JEF-AK K-A

Version with central control valve for automatic (time-controlled) backwashing. Triggering also possible by hand. Power supply 230 V/50 Hz.



For hygienic reasons the activated carbon should be replaced every 6 months.

Expert advice required!

Order number


8360480JEF-AK 2 K-A
8360481JEF-AK 3 K-A
8360482JEF-AK 6 K-A


JUDO Activated carbon JAK
Highly activated activated charcoal with high abrasion resistance, for adsorption of organic water constituents, for catalytic dechlorination and de-ozoning, packed in plastic bags of 25 kg. Granulation 1 – 3 mm (vibration density 0.470; 25 kg = 54.2 l).
Order number 8360068

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