Central leakage protection system

JZW ¾” – 1¼” Central leakage protection system, according to german DVGW VP 638, for water up to 30 °C, max. operating pressure 16 bar, nominal flow rate 4.0 – 4.8 m³/h.

Protects against the consequences of tap water damage and detects creeping water losses.

Thanks to JUDO QUICKSET-E, installation in horizontally and vertically running pipes possible.

Scope of delivery:

Housing made of high quality plastic PN 16, built-in rotary flange with patented bayonet connection made of brass with screw connection, threaded connection according to EN 10226-1, servomotor to stop the water flow if the following criteria are exceeded: Total water quantity, maximum water flow, withdrawal time and holiday switching. Electronic control with LED display, open/close button, display of the cause of shutdown, stand-by function, patented safety module for emergency power supply via batteries, signalling relay for switching status of water stop and fault messages, RS-232 interface, connection terminal for remote control, possibility of communication and locking with JUDO i-soft fully automatic softening system, plug-in power supply unit 230 V/50 Hz. With the possibility of connecting optional leakage sensors (max. 10 pieces).

Order number


8140001JZW ¾"
8140002JZW 1"
8140003JZW 1¼"


JUDO Connection cable to the softener i-soft, 3 meters.
Order number 2201239

JUDO Connection cable to the softener JBQ, 3 meters.
Order number 8140012

JUDO Fault signal cable EXT. I/O 8-pole
For potential-free contact for transmission of the fault message, 2 meters
Order number 8140013

JUDO RS-232 cable, 5 meters.
Order number 8140014

JUDO Leakage sensor, incl. connection cable 2 meters.
Order number 8203554

Each additional leakage sensor (max. 9 pieces):
JUDO Leakage sensor incl. connection cable 2 meters and branch plug.
Order number 8203556

JUDO Extension cable for leakage sensor, 2 meters.
Order number 8203551

JUDO Extension cable for leakage sensor, 5 meters.
Order number 8203552

JUDO Extension cable for leak sensor, 10 meters.
Order number 8203553

JUDO Cable for external fault signal, 10 meters.
Order number 2200717

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