JUDO ECO-SAFE ¾" - 1¼"

Leakage protection unit for combination with backwash protective filter and domestic water filtration station

JES leakage protection unit, according to german DVGW VP 638, for drinking water up to 30 °C, max. operating pressure 16 bar, nominal flow rate 4.0 m³/h.

Protects against the consequences of tap water damage and detects creeping water losses.

Thanks to JUDO QUICKSET-E, installation in horizontally and vertically running pipes possible.

Product benefits:

  • Protects

    against dirt entry

  • Adjustable limit values

    max. withdrawal time,

    max. withdrawal quantity

    and max. flow rate

  • Three-stage vacation mode

    automatic activation after 72 hours without water withdrawal

  • LED display

    for displaying the current consumption values and the cause of switch-off

  • Reliable

    independently checks the function of the shut-off valve

Scope of delivery:

Housing made of high quality plastic PN 16. white cover, shut-off valve. The ECO-SAFE is simply flanged between the built-in rotary flange JQE and a backwash protective filter or domestic water filtration station (manual and automatic) in the nominal sizes ¾” – 1¼”. Servomotor for stopping the water flow if the following criteria are exceeded: Total water quantity, maximum water flow, withdrawal time and holiday switching. Electronic control unit with clear LED display, open/close button, display of the cause of switch-off, stand-by function and plug-in power supply unit 230 V/50 Hz, incl. intermediate flange for connection to PROFI-QC, PROFIMAT-QC, PROMI-QC, PROMIMAT-QC, JUKO-EC, JUKOMAT-EC, SPEEDY-EC and SPEEDYMAT-EC in the nominal widths ¾” – 1¼”.

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