JUDO JUV 10 - 200 GS

UV disinfection systems

JUV 10 – 200 GS UV disinfection systems for water disinfection, industrial version, biodosimetrically tested without DVGW approval. Including UV sensor, for drinking and process water 5 – 40 °C, max. operating pressure 9 bar.

Product benefits:

  • Chemical-free

    by UV radiation

Scope of delivery:

Stainless steel irradiation chamber with removable lamp protection tube (quartz glass) as well as high-power UV lamp with ready-made connection cable, UV sensor with integrated temperature measurement and ready-made connection cable including installation key, control unit with wall bracket as well as mains connection cable with shock-proof plug (model JUV 200 GS mains connection on site) LC display for operating and fault indication, operating hours counter, output relay with a potential-loaded change-over contact 230 VAC for a service valve (not included in the scope of delivery), a potential-free change-over contact for connection to a control system as well as a digital input for external start/stop UV lamps.


Suitable JUDO solenoid valve JEM required as shut-off valve. On the inlet and outlet side of the JUDO UV sterilisation system, on-site shut-off valves and flammable sampling valves must be provided.


Larger systems and hot water versions on request.

Expert advice required!

Order number


8350071JUV 10 GS
8350072JUV 20 GS
8350073JUV 35 GS
8350074JUV 50 GS
8350075JUV 60 GS
8350085JUV 110 GS
8350086JUV 200 GS


JUDO Spare lamp
For model JUV 10 G / GS.
Order number 2350021

JUDO Spare lamp
For model JUV 20 G / GS, 35 G / GS and 60 G / GS
Order number 2350022

JUDO Spare lamp
For model JUV 50 G / GS, 80 G / GS, 110 G / GS, 140 G / GS and 200 G / GS
Order number 2350024

JUDO Quartz protection tube
For model JUV 10 G / GS.
Order number 2350020

JUDO Quartz protection tube
For model JUV 20 – 200 G / GS.
Order number 2350019

JUDO Cleaning concentrate
For calcareous deposits, 2x 1 litre containers.
Order number 8721216

Required accessories:

JUDO Solenoid valve JEM ¾”, Kv-value 6.1 m³/h.
Order number 8735113

JUDO Solenoid valve JEM 1″, Kv-value 9,5 m³/h.
Order number 8735114

JUDO Solenoid valve JEM 1½”, Kv-value 25 m³/h.
Order number 8735116


JUDO Temperature monitoring with flush valve JEM-AT ⅜”
With time control, power supply 230 V/50 Hz, for JUV 10 – 200 G / GS.
Order number 8351008

Art-Nr 1703300 JUV 200 GS
Last updated: 09.12.2020
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