JUDO JUV 10 - 200 G

UV disinfection systems

JUV 10 – 200 G UV disinfection systems for water disinfection, industrial design, biodosimetrically tested without DVGW approval, for drinking and process water 5 – 40 °C, max. operating pressure 9 bar

Product benefits:


by UV radiation

Scope of delivery:

Stainless steel irradiation chamber with removable lamp protection tube (quartz glass) as well as high-power UV lamp with ready-made connection cable, control unit with wall bracket as well as mains connection cable with shock-proof plug (model JUV 200 G mains connection on site), LC display for operating and fault indication, operating hours counter, output relay with one potential-loaded change-over contact 230 VAC for a service valve (not included in delivery), one potential-free change-over contact for connection to central control system as well as a digital input for external start/stop UV lamp.


Suitable JUDO solenoid valve JEM required as shut-off valve. On the inlet and outlet side of the JUDO UV sterilisation system, on-site shut-off valves and flammable sampling valves must be provided.


Larger systems and hot water versions on request.

Expert advice required!

Order number


8350063JUV 10 G
8350064JUV 20 G
8350065JUV 35 G
8350066JUV 50 G
8350067JUV 60 G
8350083JUV 110 G
8350084JUV 200 G


JUDO Spare lamp
For model JUV 10 G / GS.
Order number 2350021

JUDO Spare lamp
For model JUV 20 G / GS, 35 G / GS and 60 G / GS
Order number 2350022

JUDO Spare lamp
For model JUV 50 G / GS, 80 G / GS, 110 G / GS, 140 G / GS and 200 G / GS
Order number 2350024

JUDO Quartz protection tube
For model JUV 10 G / GS.
Order number 2350020

JUDO Quartz protection tube
For model JUV 20 – 200 G / GS.
Order number 2350019

JUDO Cleaning concentrate
For calcareous deposits, 2x 1 litre containers.
Order number 8721216

Required accessories:

JUDO Solenoid valve JEM ¾”, Kv-value 6.1 m³/h.
Order number 8735113

JUDO Solenoid valve JEM 1″, Kv-value 9,5 m³/h.
Order number 8735114

JUDO Solenoid valve JEM 1½”, Kv-value 25 m³/h.
Order number 8735116


JUDO Temperature monitoring with flush valve JEM-AT 3/8″.
With time control, power supply 230 V/50 Hz, for JUV 10 – 200 G / GS.
Order number 8351008

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