JUDO JOS 4 - 13 G

Reverse osmosis unit

JOS 4 – 13 G, for drinking and process water up to 30 °C, operating pressure range 3 – 6 bar, permeate offline 190 – 520 l/h (4.56 – 12.48 m³/day).

For the desalination of clear, colourless, iron- and manganese-free drinking and process water.

Product benefits:

  • Industrial water desalination

  • Durable

    Designed for high operational reliability and long service life

  • Individually

    programmable forced start-up

  • Intelligent

    reminds to backwash via app

  • Practical

    Intrinsically safe due to water shortage protection

  • Low-noise

    due to rotary pump

Scope of delivery:

Prefabricated unit ready for operation, in open frame, internally hydraulically piped and electrically wired, cartridge filter, automatic raw water valve, low-noise rotary pump, low-pressure polyamide winding modules, flow rate display for permeate, conductivity display, automatic concentration displacement, automatic monitoring of all important operating data such as overpressure and water shortage, programmable forced start-up in case of system standstill e.g. after 72 hours, potential-free collective fault signal.

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8471009JOS 4 G
8471010JOS 7 G
8470051JOS 13 G
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