Built-in rotary flange with male thread

The JUDO QUICKSET-E built-in rotary flange (JQE) serves as a connecting element for many JUDO devices with the domestic water installation. It is the flange connection between the water pipe and the JUDO water treatment unit.

Thanks to JUDO QUICKSET-E, installation in horizontally and vertically running pipes possible.

Scope of delivery:

Brass built-in rotary flange with patented bayonet connection, with external screw thread, with screw connection.

Order number


8250014JQE ½", Installation length 180 mm
8250015JQE ¾", Installation length 180 mm
8250016JQE 1", Installation length 195 mm
8250017JQE 1¼", Installation length 230 mm
8250032JQE 1½", Installation length 252 mm
8250033JQE 2", Installation length 280 mm
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