JUDO PURE@ENTRY 900 and 1800

Ultrafiltration system

PURE@ENTRY Ultrafiltration system, for drinking and process water up to 30 °C, operating pressure min. 2 bar / max. 5 bar, typical continuous flow rate * 0.9 – 1.8 m³/h.

For turbidity reduction of iron- and manganese-free water.

* The permissible surface load and thus also the filtration capacity depends on the raw water quality.

Product benefits:

  • Water of the purest origin

    ultrafiltration leaves the composition of natural ingredients
    such as minerals and trace elements unchanged

  • Cost-saving

    due to low working pressure and low energy consumption

  • Resource-saving

    due to low rinsing water consumption

  • Uncomplicated

    easy to clean and disinfect

  • Efficient

    easy to clean and disinfect

  • Simple and fast installation

Scope of delivery:

Ready-to-operate prefabricated unit, internally hydraulically piped and electrically wired, stainless steel frame to accommodate the following assemblies: 1 set of ultrafiltration membranes in PVC pressure pipes, pilot operated membrane valves (compressed air required), 2/2-way solenoid valves as pilot valves, with electrical switch box for fully automatic time control (differential pressure control optional) via PLC for operation, backwashing and dry cleaning (by factory customer service), including all necessary fuses and switches.


Larger plants or container solutions on request.

Expert advice required!

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