JUDO PURE 7500 and 25000

Demineralization cartridge

Cartridges for complete desalination of the filling and supplementary water of heating systems.

Scope of delivery:

Disposable desalination unit PURE 7500 suitable for JUDO i-fill, JUDO HEIFI-(ÖN)Füllblock PURE and JUDO HEIFI-REPURE

JUDO Disposable demineralisation cartridge PURE 7500
Disposable replacement cartridge in reinforced synthetic material filled with high grade ion exchange resin, capacity 7.500 * l x °dH, capacity at 20 °dH * approx. 375 litres.
Order number 8068019

Desalination unit PURE 25000 suitable for JUDO i-fill, JUDO HEIFI (ÖN) filling block PURE and JUDO HEIFI-REPURE

JUDO Connection kit for JUDO PURE and SOFT cartridges with 2½” opening
Consisting of: Adapter, pressure resistant tubing and shut off valves.
Order number 8068532

JUDO Demineralisation cartridge PURE 25000
Replacement cartridge in reinforced synthetic material, filled with layers of high grade mixed exchange resin, capacity 25.000 * l x °dH, capacity at 20 °dH * approx. 1.250 litres.
Order number 8068531

JUDO Mixed bed ion exchange resin
For the immediate refill of mixed bed cartridge, packed in sacks of 25 litres.
Order number 8545016

* The total hardness of the untreated raw water serves as the basis for calculation. Specification of the capacity up to 100 µS/cm.

Order number


8068019PURE 7500
8068532Connection set
8068531PURE 25000
8545016Mixed bed exchange resin, 25 l sack
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