Automatic backwash protective filter (time and differential pressure controlled)

JPF-QC-ATP DN 125 – 200 Automatic backwash protective filter (time and differential pressure controlled), according to EN 13443-1 and DIN 19628, for drinking water up to 30 °C, operating pressure range 1.5 – 10 bar, nominal flow rate 100 – 200 m³/h (at 0.2 bar pressure loss).

With stainless steel filter screen and time and differential pressure controlled automatic backwash system.

Scope of delivery:

Filter housing made of high-quality grey cast iron PN 10; inside and outside corrosion-resistant plastic coating; flange connection according to EN 1092-2; filter screen made of stainless steel; backwashing according to the highly effective point rotation system for optimum germ protection with simultaneous cleaning of the sight glass, differential pressure measurement with automatic backwashing system for adjusting the operating and backwashing positions by servomotor; via separate control box (230 V/50 Hz), backwashing dependent on time and differential pressure by additional differential pressure manometer with adjustable differential pressure up to max. 2 bar. Including potential-free contact for remote transmission of the fault signal; with function and fault indication by LED and buzzer; cable with plug.

Order number


8020035JPF-QC-ATP DN 125 100 µm (0,10 mm)
8020036JPF-QC-ATP DN 150 100 µm (0,10 mm)
8020037JPF-QC-ATP DN 200 100 µm (0,10 mm)
8320010JPF-QC-ATP DN 125 30 µm (0,03 mm)
8320011JPF-QC-ATP DN 150 30 µm (0,03 mm)
8320012JPF-QC-ATP DN 200 30 µm (0,03 mm)
8020051JPF-QC-ATP DN 125 320 µm (0,32 mm)
8020053JPF-QC-ATP DN 150 320 µm (0,32 mm)
8020055JPF-QC-ATP DN 200 320 µm (0,32 mm)
8020052JPF-QC-ATP DN 125 500 µm (0,50 mm)
8020054JPF-QC-ATP DN 150 500 µm (0,50 mm)
8020056JPF-QC-ATP DN 200 500 µm (0,50 mm)
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