Chlorine dioxide generation and metering system

JCED-HC 5 – 100, compact system for the production of ready-to-dose chlorine dioxide solution according to the chlorite-hydrochloric acid process as per german DVGW W 224; including volume-proportional dosing in drinking and process water systems, for drinking and process water up to 60 °C.

Approved as a treatment agent according to german §20 of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

Product benefits:

  • Drinking water hygiene

    with the support of JUDO water experts

  • Highly effective

    Extremely effective disinfectant chlorine dioxide

  • Practical

    leak-proof thanks to integrated drip tray

  • Uncomplicated

    safe to use due to in-situ system

Scope of delivery:

Compact plant for the preparation of chlorine dioxide solutions from sodium chlorite and diluted hydrochloric acid, storage tank with built-in level control; precision dosing technology, optimum component mixing for complete chemical reaction as well as state-of-the-art control electronics, entire system atmospherically closed via absorption unit, all operating and control instruments as well as sensitive and maintenance-relevant parts are easily accessible on the front of the unit. Dosing unit by built-on diaphragm dosing pump with stepper motor, self-priming, dosing volume adjustable in steps, contact water meter, hot water injection point R ½” made of PVDF with 5 m dosing hose (PTFE), safety overflow valve, power supply 230 V/50 Hz. Output for potential-free collective fault signal. Completely pre-assembled unit for protected installation.


An intermediate piece which is not attacked by chlorine dioxide, e.g. gunmetal or PVDF, must be provided for mounting the injection point.


Higher capacities, larger systems and online measurement technology for chlorine dioxide detection on request.

Expert advice required!

Order number


8330102JCED-HC 5
8330103JCED-HC 10
8330104JCED-HC 20
8330105JCED-HC 30
8330106JCED-HC 100


JUDO Hydrochloric acid 9
Container with 25 kg in plastic transport container (red), sufficient for approx. 3,000 – 5,000 m³.
Order number 8610031

JUDO Sodium chlorite 7,5 %
Container with 25 kg in plastic transport container (blue), sufficient for approx. 3,000 – 5,000 m³.
Order number 8610032


JUDO Safety tray set JSW 4 for JCED-HC 5 – 100
Consisting of a red and blue safety tray (for containers up to 25 l), incl. storage facility for suction lances.
Order number 8690064

JUDO Fault/empty signal transmission cable JAK-L
For potential-free empty signal, e.g. for connection to ZLT, length 2 m.
Order number 8340027

JUDO Chemicals protective equipment
Consisting of: Face shield, rubber apron (acid and alkali resistant), 1 pair of rubber gloves, KCL 4031 set of warning signs “Chemicals” according to german GUV 8.15.
Order number 8510170

JUDO Full face mask without filter
According to DIN EN 136 class 2 – fulfils the BGV-chlorine/chlorine dioxide.
Order number 8340033

JUDO Combination filter for respiratory protection full mask
Filter element as multi-range combined filter A2 B2 E2 K2-P3 with connection according to EN 148-1 – complies with BGV-chlorine/chlorine dioxide
Order number 8340034

JUDO Gas warning system JGWG
Serves to monitor the gas concentration of chlorine and chlorine dioxide.
Order number 8690065

JUDO Sensor disk
To be inserted into the gas sensor of the JUDO gas warning system (replace during maintenance or when an alarm has been triggered).
Order number 8690066

JUDO Warning signs according to german BGV
Order number 8340072

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