Mobile heating filling unit for softening

JMHB, for water up to 30 °C, operating pressure range 3 – 6 bar, flow rate max. 3 m³/h.

For direct filling of heating systems with partially or fully softened water (saline operation).

Product benefits:

  • Standard-compliant heating water quality

    with softened water

  • Efficient and quickly ready for use

    thanks to a fully-fledged, regenerable softening system for mobile use

  • Uncomplicated

    Easy to handle, time-saving regeneration with ready-to-use brine

  • Practical

    Completely pre-assembled and easy to transport

Scope of delivery:

Mobile heating filling plant consisting of JUDO HELVETIA exchangeable filter 25 µm (0.025 µm), JUDO pipe separator type BA, JUDOMAT single softening unit, regeneration takes place with ready-made brine produced on site from fine salt (6 kg), directly from the transport container; automatic blending armature, completely pre-assembled on sack truck ready for operation.


Please read manufacturer’s notes!

Order number




JUDO Special regenerating salt for JMHB
As fine salt in food quality, for the production of approx. 22 l of ready-to-use brine, packed in plastic containers of 6 kg each.
Order number 8395042

JUDO Spare parts set sieve insert 25 µm (0,025 mm)
(packaging unit 2 pieces)
For MHF ½” – 1¼”
Order number 2080090

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