Parallel softening unit (volume controlled)

JM 2 – 6 WZ-P, volume controlled parallel softening system, for drinking water up to 30 °C, operating pressure range 3 – 6 bar, short-term max. flow rate 4 – 12 m³/h.

Protects with soft water against lime deposits and increases comfort.

Mainly used in sanitary engineering (partial softening with short-term withdrawal peaks).

Product benefits:

  • Parallel softening plant

  • Hygiene-optimised

    due to stagnation-free operating conditions

  • High peak capacities

  • Compact design

    due to cabinet tank (model JM 2 – 3 WZ-P)

Scope of delivery:

Two ion exchange resin tanks made of glass fibre reinforced polyester with plastic nozzles, two central control valves for parallel operation and automatic quantity-dependent controlled regeneration, turbine water meter to determine the time of regeneration, Container fillings made of high-quality ion exchange resin in food quality, internal connecting piping, two salt dissolving and storage containers with lid made of impact-resistant plastic (JM 2 – 3 WZ-P as cabinet container), intermediate bottom, air barrier and suction line, plug-in power supply 230 V/50 Hz.

Order number


8390067JM 2 WZ-P
8390068JM 3 WZ-P
8390069JM 4 WZ-P
8390070JM 6 WZ-P


JUDO Regenerating salt
According to EN 973 in tablet form à 25 kg.
Order number 8839101


JUDO Fault message JSMP-U 6
For JUDO JUDOMAT parallel softening plants JM 2 – 6 WZ-P.
Order number 8395047

JUDO Disinfection unit JCLE 2 D
According to the NaCl electrolysis process, power supply 230 V/50 Hz, suitable for JM 1 – 3 WZ-D and JM 2 – 6 WZ-P.
Order number 8390092

JUDO Salt deficiency indicator JSMA
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz.
Order number 8395049

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