JUDO JUDOMAT-DX 1000 - 2000 E

Single softening unit (quantity controlled)

JM-DX 1000 – 2000 E, single softener (quantity-controlled), for drinking water up to 30 °C, operating pressure max. 8 bar, short-term max. flow rate 10 – 20 m³/h.

For the supply of soft water in industrial applications or for covering high consumption peaks with partially softened water (TGA operation) while ensuring maximum operational safety, modularly expandable.

Scope of delivery:

An ion exchange resin container made of glass fibre reinforced polyester with plastic nozzles, central control valve for automatic regeneration, contact water meter, container filling made of high-quality ion exchange resin in food quality, salt dissolving and storage container with lid made of impact-resistant plastic, intermediate bottom, brine valve, suction line, plug-in power supply unit 230 V/50 Hz.

Order number


8530053JM-DX 1000 E
8530054JM-DX 1500 E
8530055JM-DX 2000 E


JUDO Regenerating salt
According to EN 973 in tablet form à 25 kg.
Order number 8839101


JUDO Disinfection unit JCLE 5 E
According to the NaCl electrolysis method, power supply 230 V/50 Hz, suitable for JM-DX 1000 – 2000 E/D/P/T. For JM-DX 1000 – 2000 E 1 piece is required, JM-DX 1000 – 2000 D and P = 2 pieces, JM-DX 1000 – 2000 T = 3 pieces.
Order Number 8395037

JUDO Salt deficiency indicator JSMA
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz.
Order number 8395049